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Hebrides's Box o' Tutorials (mostly AE)
Hi, everyone. I know there are tons of useful tutorials spread throughout the site, and there are many, many more out there in cyberspace.

A lot of what's out there, though -- particularly on other sites -- is not that well organized, and it can take many hours of searching to find the specific info you're looking for.

Since research and compiling info are two of the things I'm supposed to be good at for my job, I figured it might be useful to compile a list with links/embedded videos of some of the tutorials I've found most helpful for specific tasks. That way, you can (ideally, anyway) narrow the search to here, without having to go all over the web looking for stuff.

This will be mostly, but not exclusively, devoted to After Effects tutorials for now.

Topics I hope to list include:

  • motion tracking
  • adding elements to a scene
  • deleting/replacing elements in a scene
  • some of the most common effects shots (e.g. muzzle flashes, keying)
  • whatever else comes up!
I'll try to keep this list updated as best I can.

Also, please feel free to add/suggest your own, as well as a summary of what the tutorial is, who created it (in bold, to help people skim for what they're looking for; citations are important, sayeth the Professor! ;-)), and how you've found it to be useful/how you think it could be useful to others. I'm by no means an expert, and I know that a lot of you have info/advice to share that could be useful to others (including me!).

If you'd prefer to PM me so that I can organize the posts according to category, that would be cool too Smile
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