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News Submission
(10-21-2017, 04:18 AM)Ridley 79 Wrote: Hi,

I'm new here so I have a couple of questions.

First one, I recently made a recut of Alien Covenant so how I submit it ? I e-mailed Dominic Cobb the 19th but no reply so far. Is there another procedure or shall I wait for a reply ?

Second question where can I watch the other fanedits from this website ?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

I think you just have to be patient as the admins are busy people and there are a lot of submissions.

If you want to watch a fan edit then you need to go to fanedit.info (which is NOT affiliated with fanedit.org). If what you're looking for is not available then you'll have to contact the editor and request a link privately. 

Check out the rules and FAQ as most of what you need to know is there. 

If your edit gets through then I'd love to give it a watch. Alien Covenant is a film seriously in need of a good edit. I recently watched Job Willins "Paradise" which was very good. It combines Prometheus and Covenant into a non linear narrative and eliminates a lot of rubbish. Well worth checking out.
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