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Movies that don't quite live up to their amazing Soundtracks
Cutthroat Island fits this thread perfectly!

I feel like time has been a little bit kinder to it with some of the campy humor.  I had been working on an edit of this movie purely out of motivation from the stellar soundtrack.  John Debney's score pays such homage to the amazing swashbuckling scores of Erich Korngold.  Give a listen to the opening track:

I love the buildup around 3:42 where it feels like it's leading to the ending and then around 4:06 it goes in a different direction and gives me chills.
(09-07-2019, 08:32 PM)TM2YC Wrote: 'Masters of the Universe' is of course one the best films ever made but since nobody else seems prepared to admit that I guess it qualifies as terrible. The shameless Superman ripoff score is a treat:

I listen to the special 2 CD soundtrack release more often than I care to admit.  I'm always wondering if there's a superhero or scifi adventure I could reuse this score for.  I used to keep the VHS cued up to the very end just to listen to the music buildup into the credits.
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