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Batman & Robin De-Assified:
Batman & Robin De-Assified:

First off, a big hand to Motley for helping me track down this edit after a fruitless decade long search.

Now, on to the edit, one of the first real FE.org legends

Has it aged well? I think by modern fan or pro editing standards I'd say no, there are too many cross fades and moments where the music and audio cues fail to synchronise (particularly at the end), the narrative works well though, hitting on all of the vital story beats so it doesn't feel like a lot is missing other than Alfred's subplot (a shame, as I feel it is the emotional crux of the original movie and gives Bruce a dog in the race to paralel Freeze's struggles with Nora) everyone feels more in control. I'd point out what I'd keep and cut, but you need only look at my own Batman and Robin edit to see how I did (shameless self promotion)

As a condensed action/adventure piece, it is a decent highlight reel of the movie, but could have been so much more if they'd kept Alfred's plot in. Overall, despite it's flaws, I'd still recommend it if you're looking to hone your skills and want to view an early example of how things used to be done compared to now, and what was acceptable for FE.org back then


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