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Adobe Premiere Pro - Audio goes out of sync after 40 mins of video

This has never happened to me before. So I'm editing a mp4 file, everything is going swell, then around 40 mins in the video the audio starts going out of sync. It starts in one of the scenes, one of the lines of dialogue goes silent, and then the audio desyncs. I've seen tutorials for when the entire audio is out of sync, but in this case it's only the second half of the film. I checked the original file and the audio is fine, the desync only happens in Premiere. 
Somebody said I should create a copy of the original file, then change the extension to mov and then import the mov file and that should fix the problem. Tried that and the problem continues. Don't know what else to do. I'm in the middle of a very long project, can't start all over again. 
Please help!

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Adobe Premiere Pro - Audio goes out of sync after 40 mins of video - by Agent Sam Stanley - 02-10-2019, 08:29 PM

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