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Batman Beyond (2020)
(01-31-2019, 04:58 PM)Zarius Wrote: They may be taking a page out of Spider-Verse's book for this one
Quote:After concept art of an unknown animated Batman movie was posted on r/DCEULeaks, The GWW did some digging and learned that the Warner Animation Group is working on an animated Batman Beyond movie that will be receiving a theatrical release.

Sources tell us that this is DC’s response to Sony’s incredibly successful animated movie ‘Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse’. They’re currently targeting a 2022 release but that is not set in stone. A cast and crew have not been announced. SuperBroMovies writer Daniel Ritchman also showed us a slate of when WAG movies will go into production, with a DC one in 2020. It’s likely that this is the 2020 project.

The film will be based on the 90s series of the same name, which saw high schooler Terry McGinnis take up the mantle of Batman under the wing of a retired Bruce Wayne in the year 2039. It ran for 52 episodes before ending in December 2001


They're also looking for an Asian-american to voice Terry


Wait, so DC is resurrecting a beloved property without involving anyone who made it great in an attempt to mimic something unique that Marvel already did?  Nooooo.... I can't believe it.
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