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"Waterworld: The Ulysses Cut" gets official Blu-ray release.
Maelstrom: The Odyssey of Waterworld (1 hour 47 minute new making of on the blu-ray set)
New feature length making of from Arrow films included on the new 'Waterworld' triple blu-ray set. Plenty of revealing new interview footage with all the major crew players (Producer, Writer, Director etc etc) but none of the main cast. Sadly it doesn't feature any on set footage, outside of a few shots culled from a 9-minute period promotional videotape that is included on the blu-ray anyway. There are some stills and design artwork but not enough to make this much more than an interesting audio track.

The extras also included a fantastic 20-minute+ video by critic Glenn Kenny doing a whistle-stop tour of the history of apocalyptic cinema from 'Things to Come', to 'Waterworld' and beyond. So many bonkers sounding disaster B-movies to add to my watch list. This one from 1970 'No Blade of Grass' looked especially interesting:

(^ Amazing trailer. Like 'Mad Max' 10-years early)

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