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Help with some of the more technical aspects of fan editing
(11-29-2018, 10:13 PM)DigModiFicaTion Wrote: It really depends on the source file. iTunes files are only at 6mbps so it's wise to encode at or near the same so you don't get a subpar looking edit. Blu ray rips are ~25-45gb in size so you can go quite a bit higher. I usually encode MP4's at either 6mbps for iTunes sourced edits or 10-15mbps for Blu Ray sourced edits. This results in a file size of around 5gb for the iTunes and 9-13gb for those edits made using a Blu Ray source. AAC and AC3 mixes seem to be around 300-500mb in size.

Thanks! I'll probably stop compressing files other than to put them on my phone. That should help with the video quality. 5.1 will continue to elude me especially if I'm tinkering with which channels to use and which not to. Thank you so much for the response!
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