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Help with some of the more technical aspects of fan editing
As I get deeper into the fan editing world, I've run into a few hiccups that I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on.

1) My recent Dark Knight edit (Batman: The Man Who Laughs) was completed and rendered. However, the audio rendered in stereo as opposed to 5.1 audio. During editing I was tweaking the various channels to find the best solution for minimizing the background music from the source. Now I'm wondering if this would limit me from rendering in 5.1. Stereo isn't the end of the world for me but I know a lot of people on here enjoy edits with 5.1 audio and I'm just trying to give the people what they want.  Smile I'm using Final Cut Pro.

2) Typically how large are your file sizes once you render? My edit is 2hr and 20min long and my file size was around 15GB. I compressed the file (mainly to put a copy on my phone) through Handbrake and that ended up at about 5GB. I guess I'm just curious as to what file sizes people share with others for their edits? Any help would be appreciated. I'm definitely feeling a little lost as far as the technical side of things at the moment.
Halloween Saga
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Batman: The Man Who Laughs, Boondock Saints II, A Final Scream (Scream 4 edit) 

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