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Some clips stutter after render, some don't - please help
It'll make a bunch of m2ts files, one for every video clip on the disc (the menu, trailers, extras, etc, etc). You just need to find the biggest one, that'll be the actual movie. Did you do that and try loading that file in Vegas? A lot of the other m2ts files generated probably won't work.

EDIT: If you already have the MKV you made earlier, you can use a combination of mp4box and mkvtoolnix to losslessly switch containers. Both are really helpful tools in general, if you want to add multiple audio streams to video or whatever. So to add a commentary track to your fanedit or something like that. I also use them often because I take commentary tracks that I have on DVD and add them to a bluray rip of a movie (maddeningly sometimes you don't get all the DVD features on the bluray version). Anyway, I digress. We should figure out how to get the m2ts file working but it's good to know about these tools regardless.

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