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The Empire Strikes Back is Out NOW!
So I could compare all the tiny subtle changes Adywan has made, I've done a full-length comparison video of ESB:R. It's not official and somebody on OT.com will probably do a more in depth one with notes and stuff but if anybody else wants a copy of this, just send me a PM Smile .

- 1080p comparison. ESB:R top / Harmy's Despecialized Edition bottom.
- Whenever Adywan has used an adjusted SE shot, I've replaced Harmy footage with the 2011 SE blu-ray. Otherwise it might be confusing as to what ILM did and what Adywan did (because you cannot tell in the skill level, unless it's because Adywan's shot is so much better done Wink ).
- 8.7 GB, so it will fit on and use up the space on the same disc as ESB:R. If you wanted to burn to a blu-ray.
- I've tried to keep the Harmy footage closely in-sync to ESB:R, down to the frame. So some shots/scenes are trimmed, or re-arranged and some shots pause (or a few jump forward), until they come back in sync with ESB:R. So this doesn't serve as a comparison of the many small time edits Adywan has made, just his visual FX changes.
- A rough sync version of the Harmy Isolated Score is included as a bonus track. In case I wanted to just watch the changes and not be distracted so much by the story. It syncs for almost all of ESB-R but some looping and cuting was needed so you'll probably notice those trims.

Every time I look, I see more little things he has fixed. Some of the fixes, mean I now can't un-see glaring errors that were in this film all along undefined (e.g. Slave 1's canopy).

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