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Interesting and unusual DVD/Blu-Ray releases (News)
Update on this one:

(04-09-2019, 05:56 PM)TM2YC Wrote: I cannot believe it's taken 17-years for the anarchic cult-classic '24 Hour Party People' to get an HD upgrade (in June). The cover boasts 4.5 hours of bonus material. I know there are a lot of deleted scenes but will they also be in HD?:


[Image: 819gBE03LUL._SX385_.jpg]

Luckily I haven't bought it yet because the reviews are saying things like "the worst blu-ray ever released". Turns out the film was shot on SD video in the first place, so full HD was never an option. It would've been nice if they'd put a 35mm print scan on the blu-ray instead of trying to upscale the SD video.

I just had a look at my old 2003 DVD and it's pretty heavy with digital compression and blocking (on top of the soft picture), so the new 50GB blu-ray might still be a nice upgrade. I'll wait and see if I can pick it up cheap.
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