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We take our anti-piracy policy seriously
(07-18-2016, 08:42 AM)ThrowgnCpr Wrote: ^ yep, I doubt he is actually selling these movies legally. Still, you cannot sell anything where fanedits are part of the package. Frink nailed it though. We have zero tolerance for this bullshit.

Beyond him selling fanedits and "pre-loaded" ripped dvd files, the seriousness of which I don't want to discount but I don't have anything to add either, there is another big issue that doesn't break site rules but does tick me off specifically. His prices. Even if he was doing legitimate business and was not selling fanedits, seriously his prices are ten times higher than just getting a Chromecast and a paid local-content-streaming app for the same functionality. To me the website and product alone looks like an obvious scam.

I reiterate: if you're interested in this guy's stuff, buy a Chromecast instead. Or a Roku. Or any other official streaming device made by a real company. Then get Plex or a similar app. Ta-da! You've just gained streaming functionality that can handle Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, HBO, and local content, as well as a ton of other streaming services for about $40~. And it's legal. Ta-da indeed.

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