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Request for Cover Art: The Walking Dead 2
Hi [MENTION=4677]bionicbob[/MENTION]! This was the original poster:
[Image: tumblr_ndftheQXBX1tew1ifo1_500.jpg]

Taken from the front page of the cover:
[Image: tumblr_ndftgmdTKI1tew1ifo1_1280.jpg]

I love the original silhouette/splatter motif on the front with title and quote. But whichever style you choose to employ is entirely up to you.. Here are some image suggestions (by googling Walking Dead Season 3 / 4 in Images)

[Image: wallpaper-the-walking-dead-season-3-copia.jpeg.jpg]
[Image: the-walking-dead-season-3-dvd-cover-art-29.png]
[Image: tumblr_mtwwc28X9s1s74l29o1_1280.jpg]
[Image: 985651047ee57e538dc0f18710980076.jpg]
[Image: 81gE8zV-V0L._SL1500_.jpg]
[Image: the_walking_dead_season_4_wallpaper_by_j...6reh22.jpg]
[Image: Rick-Grimes-Season-4-the-walking-dead-34...00-600.png]
[Image: ku-bigpic.jpg]
[Image: walkingdeadposter989132.png]

And also since its titled "Dawn" of the Walking Dead after Romero's masterpiece:
[Image: dawn-of-the-dead.jpg]
[Image: dawn_of_the_dead_poster_by_markwelser-d30919n.jpg]

Its a broad palette and just a suggestion, but any images you find or like, I'd be cool with! Thematically, season 3 takes place in a prison where the survivors take refuge against the undead.
Let me know what you think

Kris Smile
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