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Request for Cover Art: The Walking Dead 2
Hi guys, hope all is well. I am currently editing Seasons 3 and 4 of the Walking Dead next as I've gotten quite a few requests for this. Seasons 1 and 2 were released as "Night of the Walking Dead", cover art by Roguishronin (seen below), which I thought was a great cover. I was thinking of having each entry in the series have a different cover by a different editor, but being thematically linked. Here is the Blu-ray cover for 'Night":
[Image: tumblr_ndftgmdTKI1tew1ifo1_1280.jpg]

I was hoping to invite any interested covereditor to create a design for the second fanedit I'm working on: "Dawn of the Walking Dead". There are many great cover editors here and I thought I'd see if anyone might want to do one.

I really like the silhouette motif and maybe the new front cover might resemble the original with a silhouette/splatter pattern but I'm open to anything creative/new also. Hope there is someone interested, as cover art is not my strong suit and I'd appreciate the help from the awesome folks out here.

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