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A few reviews
Chimera - 1991 - 6/10

[Image: Chimera%201991.jpg]

London emergency nurse who hires on to work at idyllic, rural fertility clinic.
Once there, she soon realizes there is much more going on.
Somewhat dated, cautionary SciFi / Horror series about DNA cross genetics
Experimental research has gone off the rails and strong arm government forces arrive.
An ex-boyfriend pokes around, as does a grieving widower, and holiday copper.
Look, feel, clothes, locations, all were prime 80s.
Though Horror elements pushed, this is more a conspiracy thriller.
Cure For Wellness - 6/10 - 2017

[Image: CureWell%202017.jpg]

Tempted to score this higher for escalating preposterous nonsense of this folly.
Corporate masterminds send dodgy underling to exclusive Swiss spa to fetch missing CEO.
Within two ticks, anyone who has ever screened a movie or read a book would go, “Hey, this fenced up, nestled in oblivion castle is strange.”  Or - “Are all these white clad patients drugged?”
Anyway, the young man stays longer than planned and keeps drinking the mineral water.
Meanwhile, he wanders all over the place, deep into underground chambers, locked rooms, laboratories.
How come the staff simply does not drug his curious ass?
Beautiful photography!  But - it serves to mask the lack of cohesive plot.
I thought the story ended five times.  Nope.  Director thought of something else cool looking to add.
Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed this.
Afterward, however, we were all going,  “What happened with -- Why did they -- How come --”
^ As I've written before, the fact that Verbinski was allowed to follow-up The Lone Ranger with another 2hr15+ silly popcorn flick baffles me to no end.
Délice Paloma - 2007 - 6/10
AKA - Paloma Delight

[Image: Delice%202007.jpg]

Algerian film of low level con-artists, grifters, scammers.
Ostensibly a counseling service, the ladies arrange divorces, damage store rivals, peddle flesh.
Film opens as the boss of the clique, Aldjeria, is released from three years in the prison.
Two of her previous cohorts, disguised in nun habits, greet her under the bridge.
From there, flashbacks unfold the final big deal, before it went wrong.
Interesting look inside Algeria.
Queen Of Mystery - 2017 - 5/10
AKA - Chooriui Yeowang // 추리의 여왕

[Image: Q%20Mystry%202017.jpg]

Housewife is drawn to crime solving, much to the annoyance of roughhouse detective.
Odd couple pairing has been used countless times, this is an inferior version.
Straight off, early episodes are 40% comedy, juvenile, bathroom jokes.
Actors mug and make silly faces throughout.  Writing is lazy, direction poor.
Aside from an arc (unfinished), there are 4 two part storylines.  All are “women at risk.”
This is where my feelings derail.  The victims’ paths are often poignant, depressing.
Writers put thought into these, acting and directing is restrained and compassionate.
Police and the lady mull around, sad and thoughtful, then the jaunty music fires up.
Ooh, another mystery to solve!  And into “dumb” they go again.
The Iron Crown - 1972 - 6/10
AKA - Kanawa // 鉄の王冠

[Image: Kanawa%201972.jpg]

Offbeat mix of traditional Noh drama with modern retelling.
Unfaithful husband abandons wife for young tramp.  Wife refuses divorce, but decides to deliver hell.
The Noh is slower and more stylized, yet has more powerful images.
Highlight being the wife pounding nails into the groin area of straw fetishes.
Nudity and comingling throughout, tasteful compositions, spare music.
At the far end of arthouse, and definitely an acquired taste.
My Hot Property - 2016 - 5/10

[Image: HotProp%202016.jpg]

Sleek, sexy corporate spy quafffs drugs by the crate and plays squitzy with fried brain boyfriend.
Then she falls behind in the rent in uber pricey London and buyers circle.
Movie follows her combative campaigns to hold onto her accommodations.
Meant to be a comedy, perhaps an edgy satire, this is low on laughs, high on stupid.
Asinine situations, moronic characters, as enticing as soggy pizza with mushy noodles.
The Beauty’s Evil Roses - 1992 - 5/10
AKA - Se Jiang II Zhi Xie Mei Gui // 色降II之血玫瑰

[Image: Beauty%201992.jpg]

Wildly insane Hong Kong Cat III film of kidnapped girls, magic spells, lesbian action, penis snakes, machine guns, motorcycle gangs, kung fu, nudity, spawning, handcuff lovin’, sleazy music ...
Girls are indoctrinated into an evil queen’s entourage.
Disobedience or failure is punished by whippings, spanking and spell magic.
Hard to tell what the motivations are of anyone, aside from police and a brother searching for his sister.
The editing is jarring and haphazard.  Music is not even faded between scenes. Chop chop chop.
Conflicts (gunfire - incantations - slappings) are intercut with long stretches of nudity and mattress action.
Legendary film that I somehow never saw in the 90s when I was so obsessive over HK films.
I think was expecting more, or at least better cutting.
The Art Of Negative Thinking - 2006 - 6/10
AKA - Kunsten åtenke Negativt

[Image: Negative%202006.jpg]

Weekly, monthly meeting of paraplegic support group arrives at home of newest member.
Much to his resentment, resistance, and dismissive scorn.
They are, indeed, a bubbly mix with their optimistic credos and motorized wheelchairs.
Viewers might be forgiven for hating them almost as quickly as the infuriated homeowner does.
They roll in anyway, and he immediately begins to shred the smiling facades.
Black comedy holds back way too much.
Feels like a play, stagebound and talky.  (Note: on the boards in 2010)
Yeah, what was I expecting?  Dancing?  Synchronized swimming?
From Norway.
[font=Raleway, sans-serif][Image: largeposter.jpg][/font]

[font=Raleway, sans-serif]IT 2017[/font]
[font=Raleway, sans-serif]The evil clown named Pennywise returns in this first look at New Line Cinema's horror thriller It, based on the classic Stephen King novel. Starring Finn Wolfhard, Javier Botet, Nicholas Hamilton, Megan Charpentier and Bill Skarsgård.[/font]

[font=Raleway, sans-serif]with remakes having a bad reputation i wasnt expecting much going into this,but i can easily say it was one of the better remakes out there.the clown for me wasnt scary but it wasnt the fault of bill Skarsgård it was the cgi head(at times it looked far too big for his body and sometimes stood out against the dark enviroment i.e dancing clown in flames)there are some genuine creepy moments and the young cast pull off some great performances.i hope that they can portray the demon clowns true face justice when part 2 rolls around and that they cast the right actors to portray the adults its just a shame we have to wait . well worth a watch[/font]
[font=Courier New] "[size=medium]Willy Wonka:[/size]

[size=medium]So shines a good deed in a weary world.[/size][/font]

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