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A few reviews
Eglima Sta Paraskinia - 1960 - 6/10
AKA - Murder Backstage // Εγκλημα στα Παρασκήνια

[Image: Eglima%20Sta%201.jpg]

Fun Greek Noir.  Popular club beauty is killed in her dressing room.
Knife still inside, doors and windows locked.  Aha, locked room mystery!
Police interrogate performers and employees, jealous rivals and stage door johnnys.
Most of the actual investigating, however, comes from a newspaper owner.
Nose for a scandal, or attempting to cover something up?
He bustles from swank nightclubs to strip joints to tenements, many still rubble after Nazi occupation.
Fast paced, photography full Noir, though dialogue is more light and playful.

[Image: Eglima%20Sta%202.png]
[Image: Vikings_Season_2.jpg]
Vikings season 2
Better than the first season, which I really liked though that season was too slow. Looking forward to watching more of this show when I can. I'll give season 2 a 7.5 outta 10

[Image: large_7oAia3Qim3tVCtNlY6eJRghePOd.jpg]
Robot & Frank
Awesome movie. 8 outta 10

[Image: doctor_strange_ver29.jpg]
Doctor Strange
Very cool but just too much stuff for me to get into it, too dense. You know how on say a metal album, or hard rock album, how its nice to have a slower song now and then to take a break? This movie needed more of that, or not as many great ideas in one movie, ideas that could be used in another movie maybe, I dunno... just too much stuff in one movie for me. Great use of Pink Floyd's Interstellar Overdrive, Stan Lee cameo was especially good this time. Interesting characters. 6 out of 10 I guess, but I want to watch it again some time, maybe you need to watch this one twice.
The colored glowing light effects in these movies lately has been beaten to death, please don't use it so much, its not magical when you see the same effect in every movie, time to dazzle us with something new guys, come on! You can do it!
[Image: 35yt2p.jpg]
Currently working on: art and music and my life, at my own pace.
Camera Store - 2017 - 6/10

[Image: Camera%20Store%202017%20.jpg]

1994, Christmas Eve day.  Amateur hour for procrastinating shoppers.
Set inside a mall back when malls were popular and people still bought film rolls.
Change is in the air, however.  Digital.
The two burnouts who run the dying store have squandered their ideas, their dreams, their youth.
Despite some acid dialogue, this Yule timed yarn is devoid of good will toward men.
Christmas, mean spirited and most unmerry.
Production screams theatre play.
Sure, kid, why do you think they call it dope?

Three “drug” films from the Silent era.

For His Son - 1912 - 6/10

[Image: ForSon%201912.jpg]

D W Griffith warns against the dangers of cola, especially DopoCoke.
An entrepreneur adds cocaine to his cola drink, hoping to leave a healthy business to his son.
Sales are robust, including those to the son who becomes addicted.
Note - At one time, Coca-Cola’s recipe included 9 milligrams of cocaine per 7 ounce bottle.
Although the amount gradually diminished, Coke did not become cocaine free until 1929.

The Devil’s Needle - 1916 - 6/10

][Image: DevilNeed%201916.jpg]

Artist, in search of inspiration, borrows his model’s needle.
Wow, does that pep up the old vigor!
In no time flat, he is addicted, impoverished, and all but raving.
Slow beginning, and actor Tully Marshall is too old for the women who are attracted to him.
Norma Talmadge fine as model.  In fact, I usually see her as stuffy or starchy and she is warm and funny.
Imaginative scene (above) of buzzed artist staring into fireolace, seeing pixies.

The Mystery Of The Leaping Fish -- 1916 - 7/10

[Image: Leap%20Fish%201916.jpg]

One of the funniest drug movies.
Douglas Fairbanks stars as detective Coke Ennyday consumes enough controlled substances to put him in company with Keith Richards and Mötley Crüe.
The leaping fish are inflatable fish, enjoyed by beach-goers riding the waves.
Police and Coke investigate dope smuggling, as well, although Mr Ennyday probably won’t turn any confiscated powder over to the evidence room.
Pace is frantic, with a stream of jokes and visual gags.  Story by Tod Browning.  
I still find it amazing this survives, let alone was made in the first place.
[Image: 6faad0959b309bdec5dbaba264ee0ca9.jpg]
The Vvitch

This was something else all together, not sure what rating to give, but it was fantastic and very very well made, predictable but not predictable at the same time, bat shit weird, open to interpretation, hell of a bad ass final scene just before the credits, holy shit.
[Image: weird-face-dog.jpg]

ETA: forgot to mention the music, loved it, like something from a Kubrick horror flick.
Currently working on: art and music and my life, at my own pace.
Agatha Raisin: S01 - 2016 - 6/10

[Image: Agatha%20-%202016.jpg]

Cross between Murder She Wrote and Midsomer Murders.
Blonde bobbed Agatha moves from London to the quiet Cotswolds.
Turns out her hamlet is killing capital of Britain.
While the DCI can break a mean “Word Up,” the police are generally a step behind.
Fortunately for villagers, Ms Raisin is shrewd and obstinate.
Pleasing locations, nice ensemble of repeating support characters.
Predictable, but then again, many crime shows are.
Timi Nornarinnar - 2011 - 7/10
AKA - Season Of The Witch

[Image: Timi%20Nornarinnar%202011.jpg]

Troublemaker journalist is exiled from Reykjavík to Akureyri, northern Iceland.
He covers a missing dog, gets “man in the street” opinions.
Then starts to investigate the ugly murder of an actor wearing a witch’s robe with runes..
Later, he is asked to dig into an accidental drowning of an ailing woman.
Serbian gangs, an abandoned parrot, Iceland myths and gods, swirl in ever present snow.
Decent four-part mystery told from the newspaperman’s very droll point of view.
Bonus is plenty of rugged outdoor scenery, as well as historical tidbits.
Barbed Wire Dolls - 1976 - 4/10

[Image: Barbed%20Wire%201976.png]

Women in prison film.  Sleaze overload by Jess Franco.
Ladies are incarcerated in Castillo, in Mediterranean or Caribbean.
The warden wears short shorts and a monocle, and is also a lesbian (surprise!).
Plot is a carousel of sexual violations, torture, prisoners lolling about in undress in their cells.
Repeat - repeat - repeat.
Clearly Franco (who appears as the deranged daddy in slow-motion flashback) had no script, no ideas.
Cobbled together from motifs from better, well more original, women in prison films, this lazy filmmaking grows downright boring after awhile.
Franco completists?  Watch it, chalk it up, move to a hopefully better piece of crap.
That Darn Cat - 1965 - 5/10

[Image: Darn%20Cat%201965.jpg]

Perpetually hungry Siamese cat gets involved with ruthless bank robbers.
Family friendly Disney fare was old-fashioned when it first came out.
Now, perhaps harder to tell.
After robbing the bank, and kidnapping a teller, two criminals (nicely cast with Neville Brand and Frank Gorshin) hide in plain sight - in the middle of town.
When DC (Darn Cat) strolls in, seeking a handout, the teller puts her wristwatch on his neck.
Will owners figure out this clue?  Will authorities rescue the hostage?
The “young people” were dated back when, today they appear old.
Gags are more hit than miss, plot is silly, cat acts like a cat.
I wanted to enjoy this, because I think I did at one time.
Currently working on: art and music and my life, at my own pace.

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