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A few reviews
Women, Sex and Society - Timewatch Guide - 2016 - 5/10

[Image: 2qapk7l.jpg]

Hour “documentary” about women’s fight for rights over 100 years.
Three eras:  Suffragette movement of 1890s, the Swinging 60s, and the 90s.
Talking heads skim the surface.  Suffragette radicals, fight for abortion, employment.
Numerous popular movies would serve the curious better.
Suffragette from 2015, or 2010‘s Made In Dagenham.
This whole production felt like a homework assignment.  Badly padded, at that.
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night — 2014 — 6.5/10

[Image: a-girl-walks-home-alone-at-night.jpg]

tone poem with great visuals and music, but not much of a story.
still, i enjoyed seeing my first ever vampire flick in farsi.
black and white cinematography is gorgeous, and i was happy to discover music by bei ru and radio tehran.

was hoping the tale would give me something more to think about.
^ Talk about coincidence ^

Under The Shadow
- 2016 - 6/10

[Image: Under%20Shadow%202016.jpg]

Offbeat, and off the beaten track ghost story from Iran.
Near 1988, the end of the Iran - Iraq War, a bombed out roof allows a djinn to enter an apartment.
Or is does it ride in with the haunted orphan boy from Abadan?
Unclear, in a good way.  Items go missing and an unease descends.
Soon enough, inhabitants divide between believers and scoffers.
As bombings intensify, those who believe in spirits do the proper thing - they run.
Leaving behind, a mother and daughter.
Usually I would never watch any US film with the “kid in peril” device as they are 98% predictable.
This, being an Iranian production, will upset predictions.
Good spook story.

Note - I downed several subs and was happy with none.  Typos, odd timestamps, no caps for names.
I tweaked a set and uploaded if you need - http://www.addic7ed.com/movie/119833
Somm:  Into The Bottle - 2015 - 6/10

[Image: 2iw9gna.jpg]

Winesnobs, score higher.  Everyone else, prepare to stroll.

Checklist to see if you qualify.  (The correct answer is “A” every time.)
1)  Preferred evening drink:  A - alcohol, B - soft drinks, C - diary,  D - water,  E - nothing.
2)  What sort of alcohol:  A - wine,  B - beer,  C - cocktail.
3)  Wine with:  A - dinner,  B - crackers n cheese.
4)  Favorite place to dine:  A - away from home,  B - home.
5)  Restaurant wine list is:  A - at least 10 pages long,  B - house red or house white.
6)  How much will you spend on bottle:  A - $100 or more,  B - $99 or less,  C - are you crazy?

Wine documentary divided fairly equally between vintners (growers, bottlers) and sommeliers.
Vinters matter-of-fact about what they grow, challenges, how the wine ought to taste.
The sommeliers are selling a story, though.  They want you to spend for that $350 bottle.
“Because it is so special - - just like you.”  Sure ...
Mention given to Mondavi and Parker, both of whom I regard as bad influences -

I enjoyed, albeit bemused.  My bride and I, while hardly connoisseurs, are “steady” drinkers, meaning 4-5 bottles per week.
But triple digit bottles?  C - are you crazy?  I could, and do, buy cases for that price.
1: D
2: A/B
3: A
4: B
5: idunnowtf
6: under 10 dollars is nice cause that's how I roll.
Currently working on: art and music and my life, at my own pace.
1: A
2: Yes
3: Yes
4: B
5: B
6: B (agree with Rogue)
I drank my diary once. I got ink poisoning.
I lost a leg climbing up the top sails.
I lost my leg!

I don't know why, I was drunk at the time.
Currently working on: art and music and my life, at my own pace.
[Image: 2hicnes.png]
Bedelia - 1946 - 6/10

[Image: x5ziu0.jpg]

Based on Vera Caspary novel of honeymoon couple in Monte Carlo.
She is rich, he is not.  1st marriage for him, 2nd for her.
A wandering painter wants to do her portrait, she refuses.
Just as she adamantly stops any photographs being taken of her.
Sluggish tale of the past trailing after the shady soul.
Caspary also wrote Laura and was always angry that Preminger reduced the title heroine to an empty nothing.
Bedelia is more conniving and multi-layered, but the pace oozes along.

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