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A few reviews
(07-03-2016, 10:37 PM)thecuddlyninja Wrote: Crimson Peak... Stylish, perfectly composed, gorgeous sets, arresting cinematography... I look forward to rewatching this many times.

The correct opinion to hold of this movie.
^ The Fukunaga/Wasikowska Jane Eyre is far better. Wink
Rolling Stones - Live In Fort Worth, Texas - 1978 - 7/10

[Image: stonessomegirls.jpg]

By late 70s, Punk exploded, dismissing the old guard as irrelevant, pompous, out of step, tired.
Old. Especially those British Invasion relics.  
In '78, the Stones discarded the bloated sets, Jagger's preening nonsense, and hurled themselves into a tight, no-nonsense tour.
Didn't hurt that Jagger plugged in the guitar again.
In Cowtown's Will Rogers Auditorium, “World's Greatest Rock and Roll Band,” fully lived up to the title.
The performance was pedal to the metal, with a full bore, dialed to 11, sound mix.
Remember - 2016 - 8/10

[Image: er06zc.jpg]

Christopher Plummer and Martin Landau as ninetyish Auschwitz survivors in nursing home.
Plummer suffers dementia, Landau is wheelchair confined.
They discover an Auschwitz officer had escaped under a false name and lives in North America.
Plummer, confused and forgetful, agrees to locate and assassinate the Nazi.
Landau arranges as much as he can, tickets, room reservations, a printed itinerary, but Plummer is on his own.
Story makes rather painful viewing, but the hunt, the unfolding mystery, is thrilling, suspenseful and will keep you glued to the screen.
Plummer is exceptional in this, shading the character, Zev (Hebrew for Wolf) with regret, weariness, yet underlying resolve.

Note - Tiptoe review, this.  Unexpected surprises occur during Zev’s journey.
Beware of reviews with thoughtless spoilers.  Sadly, that trend seems to worsen each year.
(07-04-2016, 01:31 AM)Gaith Wrote: @Thrown


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Seplling is improtant
Gespenster - 2005 - 6/10
AKA - Ghosts or Fantasms

[Image: 2z3nsr4.jpg]

Troubled teenage girl, doing community service from the looks of it, watches an older girl being beaten by two men.
The chance encounter leads to bonding - sort of.
The older girl is harder, manipulative and demanding.  The younger girl had dreamed of the older one, and there is now a sense of wish fulfillment and projection.
A secondary plot follows a middle aged women, recently released from a medical institution, who searches for the child she lost over a decade earlier.
A girl who would be just about the same age as the young girl.
The movie, while filmed in hard light most of the time, has a dreamlike quality to it.
One could view any or all of the character comments or histories as real - or fantasies.
Likewise the characters themselves.
Arthouse film - French / German production.
House Of Horrors - 1946 - 6/10

[Image: 2dbmrn6.jpg]

Diverting B-thriller with a solid Noir / Expressionistic look.
Outsider sculptor (failed artist) rescues large man from river.
Inspired by his grotesque features, the artist uses him as model for his Neanderthal piece.
He rants about unappreciative critics, not knowing his new friend is actually a psychotic killer.
Still ... no one likes critics, now do they?
At barely an hour, the plot chugs along swiftly.  Pleasant 40s era cheesecake a bonus.
Nothing Personal - 2009 - 6/10

[Image: sol8vm.jpg]

Dutch girl sells off entire possessions on the street, pulls off wedding ring in empty flat.
Divorced?  Widowed?  Abandoned?
Next, she is hitchhiking across rainy Ireland.
Finds an isolated house near rugged coast and agrees to housekeeping duties for meals.
The owner is recently widowed.  Both keep each other at arm’s length.
The actual story, slim as it is, watches the growing curiosity each has for the other.
Austere scenery.  I did wonder how such a remote dwelling had electric power.
Also, the meals were pretty spectacular.  Plus, the wine rack seemed bottomless.
Readers of the books by Niall Williams and Cristine Breen will identify much of the labours.
Calvary - 2014 - 7/10

[Image: qrm4qu.jpg]

During confessional, a penitent confesses to the priest how, as a child, he was abused by a priest.
To feel better, he intends to kill.  Not the priest who violated him, he was a bad man.  No, the priest right next to him, a good man.
“Be on the beach next Sunday,” he states, “so I can murder you.”
Fatalistic story, laden with moral quandaries.  The sanctity of the confession limits what the priest can divulge.
He relates the threat to his monsignor, as well as the local constable, yet not the name of the party.
He is unsure, plus that would be a violation.
Instead, the week eddies past and he advises and counsels parishioners, broken, flawed, or lost.
Community is tight knit and worse than resentful relatives.
Stunning outdoor scenery ... especially along the beach.

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