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A few reviews
Le Rayon Vert - 1986 - 5/10

[Image: 32zu9p3.png]

French patience tester, extremely well acted, but might strain your endurance.
Recently dumped female (uhh - three years earlier) whines about what to do during summer vacation.
She stays with family - complains.  Visits friends - moans.
Asks for advice, only to disregard.
One of the best / worst moments occurs during an outdoor meal when she - a recent vegetarian - launches into a tirade about meat and animals.
Doesn’t stop her from drinking, however.  And complaining even more.
I often say people get what they deserve.
Sadly, no pianos hurtle from the skies in this one.
My Gun Is Quick - 1957 - 6/10

[Image: 23msgsh.jpg]

Low budget quickie of tawdry Mickey Spillane novel.
Mike Hammer helps out jailbait hooker in hash house.
Couple beats later, downtown police advise him girl was found dead.
Curious, Hammer starts investigating.
Crappy sets, no name actors, indifferent music score bear witness to limited resources.
This actually works in favor of the cheap look and gritty feel of the material.
Spillane’s pulp cocktail of strippers, murderers, WWII smugglers, and sex is well served.
The Nostalgist (2016)   (7/10)

[Image: p8bfa3xjpjbaiomoaoad.png]

Beautiful-looking steampunk 15-min. short on YouTube that plays a bit like a live-action Pixar piece. Worth a watch for those who love Christopher Nolan, and even some of us who don't.

Wayne's World (1992)

[Image: Wayne%27s_World.jpg]

In retrospect, this amiable hangout flick feels like a warm-up for the superior Hot Rod. Only a handful of the gags are actually funny in their own right, and maybe only one or two could be called inspired, but it's warm, fuzzy, and impossible to dislike. B-
Lady In The Van - 2015 - 7/10

[Image: 290wzuu.jpg]

Beware - Advertised as a comedy.  Maybe in the “better him than me” genre.
Maggie Smith plays homeless lady who moves onto a street, eventually one resident’s driveway and stays 15 years!
She never does find work, frightens the children, does not bathe, is argumentative, imperious, manipulative.
Gradually, very gradually, viewers peek into slices of her past, and realize hers has been a tragically wasted life.
While I did not enjoy this film, the plot construction is excellent, score works well, acting is peerless.
Challenging movie to love, though easy to appreciate.
Based on a short book, then on a much lauded play (2000, also with Maggie Smith).

The real question is how neighbors tolerated Mary / Margaret in their midst.
 Most streets would have summoned authorities and institutionalized her within days.
Recommended, though her character is exasperating.
Keep a sharp eye out for numerous cameos!
Que la Bete Meure - 1969 - 7/10
AKA - The Beast Must Die

[Image: 30wbi34.jpg]

French revenge film.
Single dad’s lone child is struck and killed by a hit n run driver.
Police explore the usual leads, find nothing, extend apologies, return to their lattes.
The father is far more determined, however.  Finds an overlooked clue, stumbles across a witness (who did not see the accident, but saw something related), then hones in on the quarry.
Older film, yet not moralistic, though there is collateral emotional damage.
Also, to me refreshing, this is not revenge-porn which is today’s norm.
My bride always argues, “Revenge doesn’t bring the dead back.  You only wound yourself.”
I always say,  “True, but you remove one more bad guy from the world.”
(06-18-2016, 11:56 PM)Gaith Wrote: The Nostalgist (2016)   (7/10)

[Image: p8bfa3xjpjbaiomoaoad.png]

Beautiful-looking steampunk 15-min. short on YouTube that plays a bit like a live-action Pixar piece. Worth a watch for those who love Christopher Nolan, and even some of us who don't.

I watched this and both liked and disliked it. Did it really need to have a flashback to events that happened about 2 minutes previously? If it is ever expanded into a full length piece I would like to see more about the family history and such and the boy's mom. I liked the style of it though a lot and I liked the ideas about addiction too. Worth a watch I'd say. It's only 15 minutes long...
^ I agree, it felt a bit over-edited/over-explained in those moments. Still, nice to see a live-action genre short film that isn't ten minutes of lightsaber twirling and nothing else.   Tongue
Where To Invade Next - 2015 - 6/10

[Image: 1747du.jpg]

Another even handed documentary from the always fair minded Michael Moore.
This outing, the social critic travels abroad to “claim” the best attributes of other nations for his fellow Americans.
Italy - six weeks paid vacation.  Five months paid maternity leave.
Finland - no homework and young grades only go to school three hours a day.
Slovenia - free college.  Tunisia - equal rights for women.
France - healthy school nutrition.  Moore, poster child for health, offers one of the children his Coca Cola.
There are other countries, with other systems.  Moore marvels at each with a big,  “Are you kidding me?”
Nary a differing voice is heard in his very idealistic walkabout.
No reference made of human nature.  Greed, laziness, self serving, what are those?
Tempted to dock a point because Moore is such a one-sided schmuck.
Duke Of Burgundy - 2014 - 6/10

[Image: 50mnur.jpg]

Warning! - Arthouse alert!
Maid bicycles up to the manor door.  Waits.  And waits.
The mistress of the estate finally opens the door with,  “You’re late.”
Domination and servitude ensue, climaxing with passionate erotic grappling.
The tone is understated, muted, restrained.  The colour palette is dark.  There are no males.
A group of females attend classes, hairstyles in tight buns, save for the mannequins in chairs.
Film is fraught with symbolism and “meaning” but it is heavy handed and lethargic.
Well crafted study of roles and power games, yet the resolution ebbed away and I ended up scratching my head, already forgetting threads and characters.
Bombay Velvet - 2015 - 5/10

[Image: 11gugxh.jpg]

Street urchin’s violent rise to become big-shot manager of wildly popular club in 60s Bombay.
Riffs of Scarface and Casino float, though this is tame on violence and sex.
Story starts in 1949 following two young boys. Time shifts abruptly with few clues.  Just catch up.
Big money employs thugs to pound the path for land development in go-go Bombay.
Many musical numbers, yet most are set in the nightclub world of sequins and stockings..
Strives for operatic, succumbs to melodrama.
Uninspired plot, poorly envisioned characters, a story that is glossy, empty, and of course, overlong.

Danny Boyle and Martin Scorsese thanked in opening credits.
Thelma Schoonmaker one of the film editors.
Shoulda been better.

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