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A few reviews
Vultural Wrote:If you want to bump these over there, that's fine.

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We could use a movie review thread here. Others should feel free to post their movie reviews as well.
Gaith Wrote:On the contrary; we like hearing about everything. Bring it on! Smile

[MENTION=6357]Gaith[/MENTION] speaks the truth. Have you read some (most) of the nonsense I post on here?!
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American Mary - 2012 - 6/10

[Image: ra9oc8.jpg]

Don't piss off the wrong females. Especially medical students.
Mary gets invited to a party by surgeons, gets drugged. Date raped.
Later, she pursues guilty parties, displaying handy body modification skills.
Dark, funny, but wanders away from vengeance into serving oddballs and freak seekers.
Females ... go figure.
Neither as gory, nor exploitative as it ought to be.
Chick horror meets carnival sideshow, lacking the taste of the jugular.
Wasteland - 2012 - 6/10

[Image: 25i20ro.jpg]

Solid criminal revenge set in that happiest of places, Leeds.
Recently released con enlists three buddies to take down the thug who set him up, the local drug kingpin.
Characterizations were a bit weak as the focus was on scouting, planning, and the caper.
Lean film that wasted little time, and thankfully did not suffer Guy Ritchie wannabee-ness.
Perhaps a bit cute near the end.
Impressive debut from first time director.
Vengeance - 2006 - 5/10

[Image: 24vsbra.jpg]

How did I miss this one?
Wildly over-the-top Thai actioner.
Convicts bust out of the prison with determined police in pursuit, helped by local guides.
Until cons enter the forbidden jungle. Then guides flee.
Police charge in anyway!
Next thing, there are jungle maidens wielding crossbows.
Killer wasps. Menacing midget crocodiles. Giant snakes. The cursed village!
Terrible acting, ridiculous CGI, preposterous plot.
I gave it a 5, but it is brilliant for what it is.
Must see, if you are into this. I laughed throughout.
Gatos Wrote:Gaith speaks the truth. Have you read some (most) of the nonsense I post on here?!

Thank you. I do read comments a lot, but seldom add my own. Partly, I'm out of my depth. Technical matters are beyond me, and I admit it.
I don't have a problem asking goofy questions, but offering ill conceived advice is biscuit brained.
So I tend to keep my trap shut.
But I will add more film reviews from time to time. No Merchant Ivory fare, and likely few theatrical blockbusters.
Sideshows beckon more.
Matrimony - 2007 - 6/10

[Image: 313t8c9.jpg]

For many, title is dead giveaway. Horror film.
Ghost story set in 1930s Shanghai.
New wife receives orders from chronically depressed husband NOT to venture into locked room . . .
Lush sets, understated acting, definitely a mood piece, but an old fashioned ghost story.
Main problem is ham fisted sound mix, with music and effects cranked to the max during spooky moments.
Otherwise, film is predictable ghost story, splashed with survivor's guilt.
Take This Waltz - 2012 - 7/10

[Image: swctus.jpg]

Meandering film about happily married woman who is attracted to another man.
She does not have a job, he is a rickshaw driver.
Gradually she yields to temptation. No real great shakes in the narrative.
This is a movie for cinematography buffs, for the saturated look of the film.
Film was set in Canada, in a fairyland, perpetual summer.
Colors in this, Technicolor by the way, were gorgeous.
Flowers, buildings, clothes. Terrific design.
Most of the photography seemed to have been done during "golden hours," which is so hard to pull off.
I liked the film for technical reasons.
Seth Rogen and Sarah Silversman play against type and excel in supporting roles.
Vanquisher - 2012 - 2/10

[Image: 2ij0uvt.jpg]

Started watching this with many from the hutong, finished watching alone.
Heard muttering about, " ... another one of his winners ... "
Absurd Thai actioner begins as CIA sends hottie Thai op to kidnap a Muslim insurgent for the Russians.
Within five minutes, the time frame is two years later, and hottie is sent to eliminate another radical. From there, confusion reigns. A pair of Japanese hitmen get involved, as do an army of sword swinging ninjas. There are a couple of lush female Thai cops (on either side of the conflicts), three Muslim chicks with scimitars, a dozen Thai black op agents on underpowered, put-put motor scooters, a samurai master, and absolutely no plot whatsoever.
Everyone was fighting ... for ... I'm not sure what.
This got awful reviews, I still watched it to the awful end.
Oblivion - 2013 - 6/10

[Image: 9ayatx.jpg]

Austere set design and intriguing premise cannot overcome fuzzy direction and a lazy script with major loopholes.
Post-apocalypse Earth (aliens this time out).
Planet is radioactive toast and most of humanity has relocated to Titan. No, not nearby Mars, but far beyond the asteroid belt, and orbiting Saturn.
While big siphons suck Earth’s oceans dry for Titan plumbing pipes, rogue aliens keep blowing things up. They shoot down spherical battle bots, as well. Jack (Cruise) is the janitor.
Film, based on a comic, which swiped from dozens of TV shots and movies, hasn’t a single original thought or idea. This would have made a tight 30” Twilight Zone episode, instead of a 2+ hours trudge.
Minimal action, more cerebral fare, though this does have its advocates. Especially if you are in the Solaris / Cargo fold.
Don’t get me going about the flight recorder or why aliens scamper on four legs early, two later.
Definitely worth a watch, someone here will likely be able to redeem this one.

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