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Article: Fanedit.info Suspended... NO MORE!
This just mean that we have to donate more money...
[Image: droopy-02.JPG]
You know what? This stinks...
steFANedit Wrote:This just mean that we have to donate more money...

To whom?
As it stands at the moment looks like i'm going to have to loose my shyness and have to send the occasional polite PM to all you Faneditors out there. I guess after all you do want people to enjoy your work.....;-)
TV's Frink Wrote:To whom?

To whoever willing to move to the north pole...
PMs are probably the safer way to go anyway. I'm surprised that the site was up for that long.
Damn, now I'm going to have to go through finding out who has links to certain fanedits.
Get ready for some Mass PM's editors!
98766654321 Wrote:Get ready for some Mass PM's editors!

Really? Can't we just start a religion thread?
I don't open the door for Jehovas Witnesses and I ain't answering messages from Catholics!!


No capitals needed.
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