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IFDB Review: Reservoir Dogs: The Black & White Edition:
This was a fun watch. I love Tarantino movies and love watching Tarantino edits. This is a nice one to add to the collection and especially since the only other Reservoir Dogs edit is MIA.I loved the Black and White treatment. Loved it.A/V quality is fine. XVID AVI, 2.0 audio.The only real editing issues I saw were: A flash frame between Pink driving away and Brown, White & Orange crashing. Rough audio transition during Pink's bathroom story to a flashback. There's an off chance they could have been intentional, but I doubt that.I thought the sequence of events and pacing were off with so much exposition & set-up at the beginning. Maybe I'm just too used to Reservoir Dogs, but I felt a bit antsy to get to the action during the first 30 minutes or so. For example, the deleted scene of Mr. White's background felt like too much about White too soon. And once it gets started, since the actual heist isn't a part of the movie it feels like a weird jump in time to the end of the diner scene. That whole scene probably should have been cut. The narrative feels a bit more nontraditional now actually. Despite all this though I still enjoyed the movie.The use of True Romance was inspired. Nicely done there, very Tarantino-esque.I think fans of Reservoir Dogs or Tarantino may like this. If you're a hardcore Tarantino purist you may hate it. It's not superior to the theatrical version, but it wasn't trying to be. It's an interesting retelling of a popular story.


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