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Article: Fanedits Get Some Exposure In A New Article From Penthouse
geeks rule the world. and the dichotomy between geekiness and masculinity is a false one. i bet some of the dudes @ fanedit might be purdy frickin' scary inside the octagon. :oops:
Any exposure is good exposure...

The Penthouse article is great for letting it's readers know Fanedits exist. For that reason, I applaud it. Who cares what it says and where it was published. The public will make up their own minds whether Fanedits are any good or important or not, so yeah, more of this or something better, any exposure is better than nothing at all.:cheer2:

And yes, I am a very PROUD geek/nerd. I try to get that into a conversation at least once a week.
Surprisingly good article I thought. Sure there is a bit of poking fun at the beginning of it, but he is just writing to his audience. It is published in a men's magazine after all. Overall it came off as very objective and well researched to me.

Good publicity! Oh wait... nobody reads the articles. Oh well, at least it was a good excuse for me to check out the Penthouse website. :-D

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