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Game of Thrones: A Tale of Kings and Honor:
Game of Thrones: A Tale of Kings and Honor:

My wife and I love the Game of Thrones series BUT to plow through all 8 seasons when we need our fix is a lot to ask. I was thrilled to see that someone had taken up the gauntlet of condensing these seasons in to movies. I must admit I was skeptical that a single movie would be able to successfully condense a season down and not lose too much of the nuance of the individual episodes.

I was pleasently suprised. Heck, I was dumb founded that it was translated so well. The music, I must admit, did hurt the immersion some as I am a fan of LOTR and every time I heard the familiar score it did take me out of the moment. To be honest though, after about the 30 minute mark I started not noticing it so much and it became familiar.

Overall, this will be my preferred way of watching the series going forward, unless of course I have nothing like a job, kids, or any other real life things that would allow me sit quietly and watch all the episodes at my own pace.

Thank you for making this and I look forward to all your future projects.


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