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Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi: Anti-Cringe-Cut:
Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi: Anti-Cringe-Cut:

The following review is has been written while watching the edit, so the thoughts will be brief. Please note that this review will be from the perspective who considers TLJ a near-perfect masterpiece.

-Nice intro, though you’d think the saber would be green.
-Actually forgot about the “Oh no.” Well done.
-The comm between Poe and Hux was well removed.
-Surprised more of the B.B.8. circuit fix wasn’t cut.
-It’s kind of weird that Luke just stands there and Rey takes the saber back. Nice “I’m sorry,” though.
-The Luke mourning scene was going so well and then the music promised a boom and failed to deliver.
-RIP Leia. Nice farewell with the R2 scene. This does create a slight problem. Because I know Leia is alive in the next one, meaning he’s sort of edited himself into a corner. Same I think with something at the end...
-Surprised how much the Caretakers weren’t cut. Not complaining. Just surprised. Same with Rey “reaching out.”
-Lot of Rey and Luke at once, it feels.
-Interesting vision before the fight between Rey and Luke. Though I’m not thrilled with Luke not pulling his saber. It kind of begs the question as to why he wasn’t more truthful before.
-Poe’s outburst is a little sudden. The re-ordered shots & lines to have Holdo reveal her plans is well made. Though now I must note Poe’s scenes at the beginning with the Dreadnaught and the demotion, really don’t seem like they’ll amount to anything.
-I know this is nitpicking but there’s no explanation as to how the FO knows to shoot the transports.
-I feel like Finn has so little to do in this edit that he could have woken up from his coma significantly later.
-I don’t hate Rose like some people do, but I like how she was used in the edit as a tie in to the beginning.
-Wilhelm scream. Nice.
-Wait, what just happened? Is Finn dead? It’s not very clear.
-Shame not to have that scene between Luke and Leia.
-Oh I guess Finn’s alive.
-Anakin hilt. Green blade. I get it, but I gotta bring it up.
-Is that shot of Luke flipped?
-Yep... Luke’s alive. That’s fine I guess...


I didn’t dislike it, it was certainly well made. Though I enjoyed it more for what was left in, rather than for what was added or removed. My biggest complaint is that the edit felt kind of empty. Most of the cast didn’t do much, especially throughout the middle.


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