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(09-20-2017, 08:07 AM)addiesin Wrote: It won't. 

Every terminator film after the "trilogy" of 1,2, and 3, has been announced as the first of a trilogy, where the second and third never materialize. In fact, most of the time when films are announced as the first of a trilogy, the movie sucks. It's a matter of focus. Same reason I'm not looking forward to Avatar 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,etc. Same reason I am not interested in almost any franchise that claims to be launching a "shared universe".

Make one movie. Make it good. Focus on it. Hone it. Be proud of the end product. THEN, if you're lucky, maybe you will get a chance to make more. But don't spend the entire time that you're supposed to be making the one movie, prepping for a different one. We, the audience, can tell.

I terribly agree.  I have my hopes up because I love the first two films, and I love Linda Hamilton.  I do hope for a fantastic end to the story Cameron begun.
(09-20-2017, 08:15 AM)ThrowgnCpr Wrote: What I wouldn't give for another great one-off film from Cameron, like The Abyss.

Or, better yet, another one like "True Lies". That movie is still the best project that either Cameron or Schwarzenegger have ever worked on, by my reckoning.

I'd like a movie that finished the Terminator franchise in a satisfactory manner (as I mentioned in the post linked to here, this is what I think that "Genysis" should have been), but one that starts up a new trilogy sounds worrisome to me.
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(09-20-2017, 08:15 AM)ThrowgnCpr Wrote: I think Cameron is really jealous of what Lucas has accomplished with Star Wars. He's obviously trying reaaaaaaallly hard to develop an epic universe.

An emo, whiny, John Connor who worships the original, bad guy Terminator, has turned bad and kills an aging Sarah Connor (in a plot twist that everyone saw coming). Meanwhile the movie will feel like a total rehash of the first two movies, yet everyone will forgive that because it feels like a Terminator movie.
Cameron - too old
Hamilton - too old
Schwarzenegger - too old


All you studio execs who absorb everything here on FE.
I ain't paying one dime to watch this.
Maybe you can tell tickets in Nanjing for ¥1.

I would fire the honcho who greenlit this project.
Welp, I found this discussion an interesting and engaging listen, at least. Cameron is deeply involved with this project, for better or worse:

On the plus side, they both emphasize that they plan to tell a complete story with each upcoming movie, so that if the next one doesn't get sequels greenlit, they'll still have made a solid standalone movie. I'm sure the makers of T4/5 said the same thing in their day, but they lied! (Or failed. Whichever.)
Yeah, this interview is probably the best thing to happen to the Terminator franchise since 1991.  The hype’s there.  Everything I would have wanted to hear.  Thanks for sharing Gaith.
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Anyhow... this movie is really happening, folks.

[Image: 4_D73_F82_A00000578-5866325-image-a-26_1...043352.jpg]   [Image: 4_D73_F77600000578-5866325-image-m-25_1529512030616.jpg]
^ she is looking good but I'm in two minds about this film. Ill-advised Terminator sequels with different and awful actors are easy to ignore, (possibly) ill-advised sequels with Linda Hamilton herself are less easy to blank from ones "head canon" Wink . So far, she has only been in the good ones, unlike Arnie who as been in all the terrible ones and sometimes been the cause for them being bad. It had better be good.
I understand people who are doubious about those new Terminators movies but Cameron was clear: they are all made and conceptualized as one-off movies.
If this first "T" movie does not work financially they will not make more and it won't matter much cause the first movie will tell a story that is self-sufficient. I'm okay with that. It's not like T4 and T5 that ended with an opened door to movies that never came.
I never was really okay for a "new" Alien 3 movie who could remove the actual 3 and 4 from the "canon" but I think the Terminator franchise, with its time travel story, is a good place to play that game. You can see 3,4,5 as alternate timelines, while 1,2 and this new movie are a continuation of the same story. Like I said before I just really hope that by the end of this movie we have a sens of conclusion. I want something classy, simple and well rounded. The first movie made clear judgment day will happen no matter what, T2 hinted that maybe we can, by our actions, change the course of time (but we don't know if the characters did that or not), this new movie has the difficult task to either make it clear they changed the timeline or not, or they can also keep things vague at the end (but it would not make for a good conclusion, IMO). If I was in charge I'd make it post judgment day. They didn't change anything but they saved their leader, John, and they still have to survive. I always assumed Sarah died  that day, but maybe not, maybe she's still here in the middle of the war with her son. The problem being that they already shown us the perfect ending of a good trilogy at the begining of Genesys: the sending of Kyle in 1984. So unless they want to show us that story from a different perspective they need to find something new that makes sens. I'm afraid they'll just make a story set in present day that makes clear they stopped judgment day from happening but there's a new threat... only I think everyone wants to see the war against the machines as told by Cameron (?)
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I am really, profoundly excited for this film.  The thing I’m afraid of is, nonetheless, any exaggerated story elements they may have come up with with regards to Judgement Day being postponed/avoided, etc.  From the looks of it, James Cameron, Tim Miller and the other screenwriters involved have come up with a really strong, self-contained idea for this.  We will see… november 19 of 2019.

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