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YES!  The news many of us were waiting for is finally here!  James Cameron, the mind behind the Terminator and director of the first two films, will be, as we already knew, regaining the rights to the franchise he created in 2019, and he has in mind something big for us, this time not as director, but as producer... Smile


What do you think?  Will we catch on from "Terminator 2: Judgement Day"?  Will we have a soft reboot?  A completely new story?  Or maybe a spin on 2015's almost entirely bad "Terminator Genisys", which James Cameron once said he considered "the real Terminator 3"?  I hope we will be going from "T2" and finally reach the end of our beloved series!  

Note: could Lena Headey make a return?  I doubt, but she was great!
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I don't know what to think about this. It could be good, but Cameron hasn't been that stellar lately. I mostly enjoyed Genisys, as it felt like a return to form, but frankly I don't know that the franchise needs another film. It would need to be very original and not just a rehash of the same events.

Re your note: It seems highly unlikely that Lena Headey would return.
(01-21-2017, 03:56 PM)Canon Editor Wrote: the franchise he created in 2019

So that's how Cameron knew about time travel!

I have zero reserves of hope left for this franchise right now.
WHY OH WHY OH WHY? The Terminator franchise just needs to die at this point. Ever since James Cameron left, all we've gotten was 3 pointless/horrible sequels and a dreadful TV show. So while I can see that Cameron returning to the franchise can be considered a good thing, personally, I'm just going to do what I have been doing ever since I discovered the sequels and TV show, ignore them. Why? Because of how pointless they are. The only Terminator film I would watch would be an official Terminator vs Robocop movie. So I'm just going ignore this reboot, even if it is good. Also. if they use the T-800 and Arnold's not playing it, I think everybody will be unhappy.
I see where the absence of hope and future for the franchise is coming from, and I understand.  ThrowgnCprI agree.  James Cameron was amazing back in the day of "The Terminator", "T2" and "Titanic" (I haven't seen "The Abyss"), but for me "Avatar" just fell flat on its face.  I absolutely did not like it, to use a euphemism.  What I believe is James Cameron to still be a great mind, and his involvement in a film of the franchise he created, with Tim Miller as director would be wonderful, it seems.  Let's look out for the best.
(01-21-2017, 05:34 PM)Canon Editor Wrote: I absolutely did not like it, to use a euphemism.

That's not how euphemisms work.
No matter how this sequel turns out, I doubt it will be as interesting as this pitch:
^ I saw that MovieBob pitch the other day, and consider it terrible. Interesting and inventive, yes, but terrible nonetheless.

Anyhow, my take: I generally believe, as a matter of artistic theory, that fictional worlds can be extended in interesting ways forever. Which isn't to say we should have endless stories about any given character, but if you expand and switch things up enough, and aren't beholden to a particular character of even genre, you can find interesting stories anywhere. The MCU is the perfect example of this - we start with Iron Man, then meet his father in The First Avenger, then follow his friend Peggy in two TV seasons, neither of which have anything to do with the story of Iron Man 1. (And, of course, that's just one branch-off of many.)

The Terminator franchise, however, strikes me as the notable exception to that rule. No, I don't want to see any more of the Connors - and I'm a guy who unapologetically loves T3 in its theatrical form. No, I don't want to see more future war/time travel shenanigans. No, I don't want the Sarah and John Connor Chronicles, with its teenage John crushing on a sexy female robot. Do not want.

Of course, in his orginal T2 script, Cameron figured the future human Resistance would be largely South American, as there would have been comparatively few nuclear targets/strikes in that neck of the Southern Hemisphere. So now that I type this, I can actually start to picture a movie about a badass woman growing up in the jungles of Brazil or what-not, and enlisting in a suicidal trip to North America for an assault on Skynet, ending with the original T-800 being sent back to T1. (Just how the T-1000 was sent back, and why it wasn't also sent to 1985, strikes me as best left completely unexplained.) In other words, such a movie needn't directly reference T2 at all.
Damnit - guess I thought of a possible one last film in spite of myself. Tongue
The terminator franchise is a weird monster now.
None of the last three movies are really atrocious to me but none of them are amazing either and they form a total mess when looked from a global perspective.
I really don't see what magic trick Cameron can have to save the future. Wink
"Always in motion is the future"
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Genisys was the best one since T2, in my opinion. Whatever Cameron has in mind can't be half as bad as the awful T3 or ('still okay'-)T4, regardless of how tepid his next instalment is.

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