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We take our anti-piracy policy seriously
Earlier today we discovered that Avid4D - who has contributed a number of well-received edits - was selling fanedits via his personal website. He was even going as far as using the [former] Fanedit.org logo on the sales page.  This is completely unacceptable. We have made it very clear that we do not condone any form of piracy. Editors and those viewing fanedits must own a legitimate copy of the source material, and edits are never to be sold.

This hobby and art form continues to exist in a grey area, and studios are well aware of our existence. We must ensure that we not only remain in good standing with studios, but that we support the endeavors of actors, filmmakers and the entire industry who creates the works we love so much.

Avid4D has been banned from Fanedit.org, and we will take all necessary steps to shutdown sales of fanedits. If you find that any members of our community are selling edits let us know. Please also report websites or eBay members who are selling edits.
Jeez. Literally the worst thing you can do for our little community. Profiting off other people's art is seriously sleazy.

So weird, never had a problem with that guy before.
(07-13-2016, 12:07 PM)thecuddlyninja Wrote: So weird, never had a problem with that guy before.

eh, we've had to deal with a couple other issues in the past, but this goes above and beyond all of that. We will not allow this behavior at all.
^Yeah, sorry. Shooting for a moment of levity because it's a seriously f'ed up thing to do to the studio, artists and site. Probably not appropriate, though.
No apologies necessary Smile
What the hell..???

I can't believe I stood up for this guy Angry Angry Angry
"... let's go exploring!" -- CALVIN.
holy phark, selling fanedits. totally not cool.
"I am shocked and appalled"[/Bart Simpson]

Most unfortunate news, especially since I thought Avid was a very capable editor and had enjoyed many of his edits, even giving them a couple of reviews, he did'nt need to do this to make ends meet whatever the reason, and to put our community's label on his website is even more bone-headed.

Will his edits be ultimately removed from the IFDB? I don't see the point in promoting a pirate
(07-14-2016, 08:03 AM)Zarius Wrote: Will his edits be ultimately removed from the IFDB? I don't see the point in promoting a pirate

They will stay. This has always been our policy. Once an editor releases their work to the internet, it will get indexed at IFDb if it meets our quality requirements. We don't consider this promotion, and we won't be doing any advertising for the edit. IFDb will continue to function as its name suggests: a database of fanedits.
Right, and his last edit, which was approved, will still go up then?

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