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Faneditor Interview: Beezo Part 1
I feel for you fellas with red/green colorblindness. I have excellent color perception, and for that I feel incredibly lucky.  As some of you know, I'm an ornithologist/landscape ecologist in the real world, and I've tried to take extra care when generating maps to ensure that reds and greens are not mixed on my products. Although there isn't much you can do about a film's palette, this is a really handy tool when creating imagery:


It allows you to simulate various scenarios of colorblindness on your screen. It might help for cover artists here.
Great read, loving these interview articles. And for the record, ssj looks exactly like his profile pic Wink
Raiders of the Lost Skull | Where the Wild Things Are: The Wild Rumpus Edition
Pulp Empire | The Dark Knight Saga Recut - Part I | Part II | Part III

Next Up:
Hannibal: The Ripper's Lament
Enjei beesee, here ma close-up:

[Image: enhanced-20660-1416566689-5.jpg]
great interview.  i'm really enjoying this series.
The Empire Begins, Long Halloween, Kirk Kills
I'm just waiting for part 2. :-)
(07-14-2016, 07:46 AM)Darth Awesome Wrote: great interview.  i'm really enjoying this series.

Thank you so much!

(07-14-2016, 08:45 AM)dangermouse Wrote: I'm just waiting for part 2. :-)

It's been a particularly hectic time in my personal life but rest assured it won't be too long. I have the interview cut and I'm about a third done transcribing it. I don't want to promise a date but I hope to have this done by early next week. It was a great conversation and Beezo is top notch so I am glad to see everybody enjoying the conversation as much as I did. There will probably be a couple weeks gap to the next new interview but after that I hope to get back to the every 2-3 week schedule.

awesome. i'm eagerly looking forward to part deux, countryninja, but there's no rush--your RL comes first.

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