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thecuddlyninja's Cover Thread
maniac51 Wrote:The covers are great man.
No matter how you do it
It's always nice to see some covers of my edits
Great work also because i'm too lazy to do it :-D

Thanks. Since you are too lazy to do it, I require art for my shelf because I am weird, and I am usually really interested in your edits, I suppose we shall keep on keeping on. Smile
The Bride in Black BD:

[Image: 24020526950_704dd40fd9_k.jpg]

Combo cover for both my Insidious fanedits:

[Image: 23690506353_bbe15f76d0_k.jpg]
based on art by fanart.tv user vicmanpergar, spine featuring art by deviantart user solomon4ik
Love the coloured-in "I"s, very nice touch.
TM2YC Wrote:Love the coloured-in "I"s, very nice touch.

Thank you kindly. I think they use them to denote the chapters (maybe?) in the official art but I like the look with all of them like that. Plus I based the animated title card in the first Insidious edit around that concept.
Turing Test blu-ray:

[Image: 24251208785_622fc653b5_k.jpg]
Made this one for fun with a couple of Hateful Eight posters:

[Image: 24211818982_12f12d124e_k.jpg]
Just ordered this gorgeous Pulp Fiction print: http://upperdeckstore.com/gallery-prints...croll.html

I love Dave Perillo's style and couldn't help but turn this into a blu-ray cover for myself:

[Image: 24255185651_57ad23dc87_k.jpg]

Every pixel save for the Miramax and Blu-ray logo is from Dave Perillo's fantastic art.
Very simple cover for the new Justice League Origins edit based on the fantastic DC silhouette art of Steve Garcia:

[Image: 24521793810_0961c2700a_k.jpg]
Since there's talk of red cases elsewhere, thought I'd post mine:

[Image: cc37cb96907496d20703f24523aa5327.jpg]
looks awesome!

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