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IFDB Review: Superman Resolved: - MCP - 10-20-2013

Good, but not great - but that's more an indictment on the original movie than on the editor. B3nmitchell has made a tremendous effort to save this movie - and I could watch it all the way through, which I couldn't do with the original. Good job. The only edit problem I found was the finale being quite bitty, with Marsden's character suddenly arriving and loading Lois and son into the plane. And then Superman being thrown off the island, then suddenly recovering (why?). The reveal of the son of Superman was also very out of left field and didn't really work in this edit. But I couldn't really think of any other way to save the movie -except maybe to remove Marsden's character entirely? Then the son of Superman would be more obvious. Anyway, well done b3nmitchell. My kids enjoyed it! :-)