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IFDB Review: Danny Cannon's Judge Dredd: - MCP - 10-16-2013

1995's Judge Dredd was the typical 90's movie. Dumb action, stupid sidekick, and a love story shoved into the movie just so the action hero would have something to look forward to just before the credits role. Thankfully, TM2YC is here to remove as much of Schneider as possible and to eliminate that love story that the real Dredd would never have engaged in.Firstly, the visual and audio editing is definitely up there. There are small bits and pieces that you can tell were edited around, but are barely noticeable. I'm going to guess that Blu-Ray for Judge Dredd isn't going to be demo material considering the content, but the video quality is also up there. Everything in the story is consistent with the source material.If i had to show someone a version of Judge Dredd, it probably would be this version. There is less of Schneider, so the movie is more tolerable on that front. The love story is removed, so its more true to the source material. It might have been a guilty pleasure of mine beforehand, but now its a solid cut of a movie, albeit it still not as good as the new Dredd movie. Recommended.