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IFDB Review: Incredible Hulk- Tomahawk Extended Edition, The: - MCP - 10-11-2013

While I've watched many a Fan Edit, this is the first one I've watched that has prompted me to and leave a review.I am a huge fan of the Marvel franchise, and yet for some reason the Hulk movies have always been lacking in my opinion. While the action sequences have always been fun and entertaining, I've never really connected with the characters. This Film however not only captures my attention, but demands it.Through the addition of the deleted scenes, the characters now have a real story, and their development and depth now remind me why I love this franchise. In this cut, I feel genuine sympathy, understanding and a real attachment to Banner. The additional character development does not take away from the movies action sequences in the slightest, and if anything enhances them, and you now are truly invested in the films protagonist's, and when they are in peril, you really care about the outcome.In addition to the story now being fleshed out and far more interesting, the deleted scenes are weaved into the movie seamlessly, and the average viewer wouldn't notice where the theatrical edition finishes and the deleted scenes began. Tomahawk has even gone to the trouble of adding musical score over these scenes, making the overall watching experience one to remember.This edition of the Incredible Hulk really is the "Ultimate" edition. In fact, I couldn't even imagine not watching this edition when I next re-watch the entire Marvel story.10/10