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IFDB Review: Marvel Origins: Avengers Part 3: - MCP - 10-10-2013

Nice job Juice. Other reviews covered the bases pretty well so I'll keep this short and sweet. This is a fun alternate version of the Avengers. The technical quality and editing skill in terms of the changes made seemed pretty flawless. Only technical thing I noticed was some slight ghosty jerky motion on a short shot toward the end due to some less than perfect slow motion. Barely noticeable and not a big deal IMO. Narrative was a mixed bag for me. I enjoyed the added scenes and the way the new "bookending" scenes worked. Conversely, some of the beginning scenes that were cut really felt needed. If I had never seen the original movie I would have been very confused about what was going on. I could go either way on some of the cut humor, but the card signing that was cut goes beyond a simple laugh moment. It is a somewhat important emotional beat in the movie that brings a handful of scenes together. So that really felt missing as well.