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System Maintenance - Q2 - 10-04-2013

This evening we performed an update to our forum software. We were down for approximately 2 hrs during this process. As with previous updates, it's possible styles or mods "broke" and don't display or work as they should. If you experience any problems please let us know.

We are aware that the chat widget is currently producing an error and are investigating the issue.

System Maintenance - Frantic Canadian - 10-04-2013

By "chat widget" do you mean the Shoutbox that was on here a little earlier but is gone now? And why is there now a thick border around the box just under the banner?

System Maintenance - Q2 - 10-04-2013

Frantic Canadian Wrote:By "chat widget" do you mean the Shoutbox that was on here a little earlier but is gone now? And why is there now a thick border around the box just under the banner?

Chat widget as is the box on the right column on the front page and forum.

And that thick border? That's one of the style glitches I mentioned. It will be fixed.

System Maintenance - Neglify - 10-04-2013

That shoutbox was a test run of a forum feature. Didn't like it.

System Maintenance - ProSecurity - 10-05-2013

Please forgive me Neglify. I am sorry.

System Maintenance - ProSecurity - 10-05-2013

ok so im still holding that offer. If you want me as your security guy. Let me know. I was the Dog user to.

System Maintenance - Q2 - 10-05-2013

Chat's back but still no widget. If you'd like to see who is chatting go into the forum and look in the What's Going On? section.

System Maintenance - g1orkatsos - 10-05-2013

I see that the old AJAX chat is back

System Maintenance - Q2 - 10-07-2013

g1orkatsos Wrote:I see that the old AJAX chat is back

In part of our major update to the latest version of software the old chat program, FlashChat, had to be retired. It hasn't been developed in years, and when we moved hosts a couple years ago the FlashChat actually broke. It took a lot of band-aiding to get it working, but with the latest version of our forum software installed it broke again. With it being so outdated there was also security risks. It was decided to go move back to this chat program because it's still continually being updated. While not as pretty as FlashChat it is functional and less of a security risk.

With that said, you may also start noticing other changes to the style. The NavBar has been tweaked due to the developer no longer supporting it or developing it. Not only that, it caused a few compatibility issues when we updated to the latest version of vBulletin. The same can be said about the style. Will all the modding and tweaking over the years it was easier to re-create the style as opposed to trying to figure out what was needed and what wasn't. Because of that the look may appear a little different from what you're used to. We will continue to tweak to get it back to how it was, but right now its close and, for compatibility reasons, we made it active as the default style. Please be patient as we slowly make the necessary tweaks.

System Maintenance - Q2 - 10-07-2013

Chat widget is back.