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New Rules Regarding FEOTM Contest - TVs Frink - 08-04-2013

This doesn't come up often, but since it has come up for July, the Staff and Academy have decided on a new rule for the Favorite Edit Of The Month contest. Editors may have no more than two edits compete in any given month.

Please note that you may release as many edits in a single month as you like. However, if you choose to release more than two, you will be asked which two you would like to be eligible for the contest.

[Image: 37870117.jpg]

New Rules Regarding FEOTM Contest - Neglify - 10-02-2013

Starting with September's FEOTM contest there will be two new rules in place.

1) You are not allowed to vote for your own edit.
If an editor votes for himself an administrator will manually remove his vote and ask him if he wants to choose a different edit to vote for.

2) If 2 votes come from the same IP address they will both be eliminated.

Most common cases: co-workers, roommates, friends, family, boyfriend/girlfriend. This gives an unfair advantage and defeats the purpose of community voting. We're not trying to stop you from disseminating your fanedits and this site to friends & family, just please refrain from having them sign up and vote for you.

Up until now these have been "Gentleman's Rules," unenforced but frowned upon heavily. Now they will be enforced. If any questions feel free to send a PM to a Staff Member.