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IFDB Review: Pulp Empire: - MCP - 05-19-2013

Once in a while a fanedit comes along with style and attention to detail that equals or surpasses the original source. This here Pulp Empire is one of those fanedits! wasnt sure what to make of this before seeing it, but now after seeing it, the whole thing really works - I wouldn't say I'm a fan of Tarantino movies, but its unusual to see a sci-fi film produced in this way, with the use of Tarentino esque tunes, the altered order of character led scenes, some space ship scenes/fx scenes have been reduced, which aren't missed in this version of the film. Watching Empire without John Williams thumping soundtrack in your face, as good as it is, is a completely refreshing experience. Pulp Empire seems to be a bit less bleak and the tone of the movie now feels more set by the acting rather than the over the top orchestra. The use of songs seem carefully chosen and, complement the flow of the story. This is now my favourite version of Empire strikes back! 10/10 thanks! Cutnshut