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IFDB Review: Scream – The Giallo Cut: - MCP - 09-21-2012

Loved it! Great work, Neg. Two critiques: The audio levels were too much for me, luckily I watched it in the day so I didn't bother the neibhours, but it was too loud in scary/action-y scenes. I don't like a lot of dynamic range, but no big deal, didn't spoil it for me, but its something to think about in the future. *********SPOILER ALERT********* Not sure if this was even possible, but the photo/news broadcast with photo of Sydney's mother should have (imo) been adjusted to incorporate the image of the woman from the added flashbacks for continuity's sake, they work great but would have been even better with that adjustment. This one's fun as hell, RECOMENDED! 10/10 despite whatever IFDB rounds it off to. ;)