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RE: Doctor Who - TVs Frink - 07-20-2017

Great post, and applaud your courage in making it.

RE: Doctor Who - Moe_Syzlak - 07-20-2017

Yes, representation matters. And I think that's okay for it's own sake. However, I also think the vast majority of these moves are also done for story reasons and/or casting a great actor in the role (see Gunslinger).  

Dangermouse's arguments that this move will somehow enable kids to be crueler by calling other kids gay is straight up ignorant and I don't mind calling him out on it. If he wants to discuss why in a civil manner, I'm happy to. But screaming liberal intolerance for calling him out on an ignorant and homophobic attitude is not going to fly. If your kids tease other kids that way, teach your shitty kids to not be shitty. Don't scream about a TV show. 

Thanks for your post, Zamros. And good luck to you.

RE: Doctor Who - Zamros - 07-20-2017

Thanks for the kind words.
I just wish it was as easy as simply "Regenerating". Bloody science fiction.... Tongue

The way I see it, these sorts of changes have to fundamentally change a character to truly be worth getting in an uproar about. Jane Bond wouldn't work because a central part of James Bond's character is his hyper-masculinity, I'd argue that IS his character. Changing the Gunslinger to a black man doesn't change his character, making The Doctor into a woman wouldn't change their character.

The Doctor is now technically a transperson. One thing transpeople have to stress is that they're still the same person, after they've transitioned. The Doctor is still the same Doctor. She's just gonna be different for a while, and that's ok! Peter Capaldi was different for a while, so was Matt Smith, and David Tennant, and Ecclestone.... etc.

RE: Doctor Who - Gaith - 07-20-2017

Aye, best wishes for your transition, Zamros. "Good luck... we're all counting on you!" to feel as comfortable and content with your identity as anyone. Smile

RE: Doctor Who - Zamros - 07-21-2017

Bookies' favourite Kris Marshall is now being tipped to become the new companion.
But then again...

[Image: 4796720.jpg]

RE: Doctor Who - Vultural - 07-21-2017

(07-20-2017, 10:05 AM)Zamros Wrote: . . . I grew up watching the Tom Baker Who, then continued in with the 2005 reboot. I'm absolutely in love with the show. Other people watch the show than white, straight, cisgender males. Why are their feelings more important than ours?

When the new Doctor was announced, I foolishly misread Forrest Whitaker and thought, "Black Doctor, about damn time."
When I realized my mistake, my reaction was much the same, though I felt like a loon.
Not that I intend to watch.  Even my stacks of old Dr Who DVDs seem to gather dust.
For every rewatch, I feel like I squandered the chance for a new series, new movie, new book.
I understand, though, how attached and invested viewers become in television programs.

Per your last question, I wonder if humanity has always been so ego-centric or if this has to do with increasingly narcissism and growing population density.

And good luck on your adventure ahead, Zamros!

RE: Doctor Who - Zarius - 07-23-2017

Some Christmas special footage coming today/tonight after SDCC

RE: Doctor Who - matrixgrindhouse - 07-23-2017

RE: Doctor Who - Zarius - 07-23-2017


RE: Doctor Who - TM2YC - 07-23-2017

(07-23-2017, 05:20 PM)matrixgrindhouse Wrote:

Okay, on the strength of that, I'm ready for this to be the best episode ever... no pressure Big Grin .

3 Doctors in one scene?!?

I randomly found this great 1985 spoof (which I'd never seen before)...

British Comedian Lenny Henry as the first(?) black Doctor. I'd totally be on board with now older Lenny as a future Doc (He was also on Broadchurch). I like his costume's mix of Tom/Colin Baker and Shaft. It's almost similar to Tennant's trench-coat and trainers silhouette.