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RE: Doctor Who - Zarius - 10-08-2016

That'll make the audience reactions from the Spanish market versions interesting to gauge

RE: Doctor Who - Zarius - 10-22-2016

Checked out Class. Not too bad, a bit try-too-hard in places, but Capaldi was a diamond in an otherwise rough first episode

RE: Doctor Who - ThrowgnCpr - 10-24-2016

(10-22-2016, 03:05 PM)Zarius Wrote: Checked out Class. Not too bad, a bit try-too-hard in places, but Capaldi was a diamond in an otherwise rough first episode

I kind of feel the opposite. I watched the first episode, and it had interesting characters, was well acted and produced, but Capaldi's Doctor felt really out of place and almost an afterthought. Especially:

Towards the end, when he appears in the gymnasium, it felt like a bad play where the character was waiting for his cue behind the curtain. They should have given him a better entrance. perhaps the TARDIS appearing between the kids and the shadow monsters.

Since I've liked Capaldi in other things, I've always blamed my dislike for his portrayal of the Doctor on the writing, but I'm no longer convinced that is all there is to it.

Anyway, I think this show has a lot of potential, and I'm looking forward to watching more episodes.

RE: Doctor Who - Zarius - 10-25-2016

Jenna Coleman voiced someone in Thunderbirds this past Saturday too...and put on an american accent.

RE: Doctor Who - dangermouse - 10-26-2016

^She was also an American in the first Captain America movie. She's one of the two dates that Bucky sets up at the World Fair. Can't remember if she has any lines.

RE: Doctor Who - TM2YC - 11-26-2016

[Image: 1683386f566f06b9a842196b9d9a4346.jpg]


RE: Doctor Who - Zarius - 12-03-2016

Class finale


RE: Doctor Who - TM2YC - 12-04-2016


(12-04-2016, 08:23 PM)addiesin Wrote:
(12-04-2016, 06:27 PM)TM2YC Wrote: [video]

'This video is private.'

Weird, the dude replaced the file a few hours after posting it. I think he fixed/improved something.

RE: Doctor Who - addiesin - 12-04-2016

(12-04-2016, 06:27 PM)TM2YC Wrote: [video]

'This video is private.'

RE: Doctor Who - bionicbob - 12-25-2016

Just finished watching the Christmas special.... it really had nothing to do directly with Christmas lol

And while I smiled and chuckled at many of the superhero genre nods, by the end of the episode I had officially crossed over into the "Moffat needs to go" camp.   Too much humour.  No In-Universe rules any mores.  Just because Dr. Who has the foundation to tell any type of story does not mean it should....  The fairy tale nature of the Moffat era has worn thin for me.  I find myself craving the more serious sci-fi adventures of Third or early Fourth Doctor or even the Seventh.   Moffat has just become too uneven for me.  I know we have another full series with Moffatt at the helm, I just hope it better than this latest adventure.   Tongue