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Doctor Who - addiesin - 01-23-2016

Zarius Wrote:Moffat will step down after the next series, but it won't be airing this year, instead it'll be moved up to Spring 2017

Chris Chibnall is replacing Moffat. He's best known for showrunning Torchwood, and creating Broadchurch

Man I got caught up reading the comments. I hate reading comment sections of Doctor Who fans. And I'm a huge fan! They'll fight about/hate on anything!

I think it'll be fine. I bet Moffat is tired. I'm not super happy about the wait but it's nothing new. I just hope the new season is like 8 or 9 instead of like 7.

Doctor Who - Zarius - 01-23-2016

dadoctorwhofan Wrote:Well I'm happy. You forgot to mention he wrote 2 of the best episodes of Life on Mars.

That's because I've never seen his LOM episodes;-)

Doctor Who - TomH1138 - 01-23-2016

Wow! A huge tremor in the Force ... um ... Whoniverse!

I seem to like Moffat's writing more than most people, but I'm OK with this. This show thrives on change, and it's always interesting to see what a new show runner will do with the mythology.

In fact, ironically Moffat's departure will probably make people like his writing more, since there's always nostalgia for whatever version of the show goes away. There were a lot of fans harping on Russell T Davies' run on the show from 2005-2009, who then promptly started ragging on Moffat as soon as he took over and asking why things couldn't be more like they were in RTD's day.

(Mind you, that's not every fan. And certainly Moffat isn't perfect. The 2011 season was pretty incoherent, and the non-50th anniversary episodes in 2013 were pretty dull. I'm not saying it's never okay for one to say that they don't like Moffat's writing. I'm specifically thinking of people in forums I no longer visit, and on podcasts I no longer listen to, whose default position is that whatever is new is automatically bad.)

It was hard guessing who would ever take over if Moffat left. When RTD was in charge, Moffat was winning all the awards for writing on the show. Since Moffat took over, he's still been the one winning all the awards. The exception was Neil Gaiman for "The Doctor's Wife," but no one liked his follow-up "Nightmare in Silver" nearly as much, and at any rate, Gaiman has no experience running a TV show.

Mark Gatiss has actually worked side by side with Moffat for years, co-producing "Sherlock" with him, but Gatiss' DW episodes have not been among the best. His most recent, "Sleep No More," is one of the lowest-rated episodes of the entire modern series.

I don't see a whole lot of classics in the list of episodes that Chris Chibnall wrote, but there aren't really a lot of clunkers either. I like most of them. Chibnall also wrote a lot of episodes of "Torchwood"; while I don't like that show very much, he wrote some of my favorite stuff that was on it.

Also, he wrote the beautiful "P.S.," which caps Rory and Amy's time on the show, and is one of my favorite DW things ever.

And even though Chibnall hasn't won any awards for DW writing, he has won awards for his police drama "Broadchurch" (which has featured many DW alumni). So that, plus his overall TV producing experience, plus the fact that he's a lifelong Doctor Who fan -- yeah, I'm on board with this.

I'm not so happy about having to wait another full stinkin' year for new episodes, but hey, the BBC didn't ask me. Tongue

Doctor Who - TM2YC - 01-23-2016

Wow I saw these 3 new "HMV Exclusive" boxsets in town today...

[Image: dvdsets.jpg]

Each has 3 classic era DVDs (Packed with the usual extras and familiar artwork) for only £9.99. You sometimes pay £9.99 for just one Who DVD! Excellent value to introduce fans to the classic era. Annoyingly for me, I already own one story from each boxset :x but probably good for others. They haven't been stingy either, each set has 3 of the very best serials from each Timelord...

Spearhead From Space
The Dæmons
The Time Warrior

Genesis of the Daleks
Pyramid of Mars

The Caves of Androzani

RE: Doctor Who - Zarius - 04-23-2016

Pearl Mackie as new companion Bill

RE: Doctor Who - TM2YC - 04-23-2016

(04-23-2016, 01:05 PM)Zarius Wrote:

Pearl Mackie as new companion Bill

Whoa! This must of been filmed months ago but Bill is wearing a Prince tribute T-Shirt. Well that settles it, The Doctor is real and has seen our futures.

RE: Doctor Who - Zarius - 04-24-2016

Prince was sacrificed to make this video possible. The Doctor is part of the Illluminati! Wink

That'd explain all those eyepatches in series six anyway..

RE: Doctor Who - Zarius - 09-06-2016

Midnight announcement tonight (no doubt for the animated reconstruction of Power of the Daleks)

RE: Doctor Who - Zarius - 09-07-2016

RE: Doctor Who - TM2YC - 09-07-2016

This looks awesome. I really like the style of these animations from previous releases... however it had better be in 4:3 and not 16:9 like that trailer. That would be sacrilegious.