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Doctor Who - emanswfan - 10-28-2015

Ten and Donna! Haven't purchased any of the Big Finish audio dramas yet, but this does sound quite tempting. Vol 1 coming out May 2016.
And Donna is easily in my top 3 nu-who companions.

Doctor Who - TomH1138 - 10-29-2015

Yeah, very exciting! Big Finish only just recently got to start using modern Companions, etc. It's great that they now get to use a post-2005 Doctor. (Well, they also used the War Doctor, but you know what I mean.) Hopefully, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi will one day follow suit.

I think my two favorite Doctors are Jon Pertwee and Matt Smith, because they encompass the two extremes of the portrayal of the Doctor. But then I watch a Tennant episode, with his boundless enthusiasm for the role, and I remember again why people often say that he's their favorite. Smile

Doctor Who - TM2YC - 11-22-2015

The last two episodes have been on top form Smile (especially 'Sleep No More'). Fingers crossed that the last two will maintain this standard of writing and direction.

Doctor Who - mightymeyer - 11-22-2015

TM2YC Wrote:The last two episodes have been on top form Smile (especially 'Sleep No More'). Fingers crossed that the last two will maintain this standard of writing and direction.

Same here, dude.

Doctor Who - musiced921 - 11-22-2015

Wow am I the only one that absolutely hated Sleep No More? My wife and I agree it was easily the worst NuWho we've seen yet (don't throw stones at me please).

We couldn't understand what the hell was going on and by the end we felt it was just a waste and anti-climatic. Plus the quick cuts were a bit bothersome since surprisingly that's never bothered me before in films and tv shows.

Other than that, this season has been STELLAR and these 2 parters should be the new norm because I'm seeing some great stories and Capaldi really has grown into being The Doctor. He loves playing the role and he transmits that in his portrayal.

Doctor Who - bionicbob - 11-22-2015

I am in complete agreement, Sleep No More did not work for me either on any level. Monsters created by the sleep from out eye ducts???? Even for Doctor Who that is pushing it.

On the other hand, Capaldi's impassioned speech for peace in the last act of the Zygon Inversion was riveting brilliance and any doubts I may still have had were forever erased. Truly one of the best Doctor Who scenes ever imo.

Doctor Who - asterixsmeagol - 11-22-2015

I thought it was the best episode of the season so far (except maybe last night's episode which I'm watching right now) but it wasn't as good as past seasons. I couldn't stand the shaky-cam, though. I ended up looking away from the screen for most of the episode.

Doctor Who - wilhelm scream - 11-22-2015

I loved yesterday's episode. I hated sleep no more as well because I found the found footage aspect UN-watchable!

Doctor Who - thecuddlyninja - 11-22-2015

Not opening this thread isn't even enough to avoid spoilers.

Doctor Who - Zarius - 11-22-2015

That found footage episode is just screaming for the Benny Hill theme

Myre's proper revenge.