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Doctor Who - addiesin - 09-21-2015

I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Par for the course, and by that I mean Doctor 12 still feels refreshing and different just like last season. Other than Danny's death, I thought last season was a huge improvement over season 7, and the first episode of 9 seems to be continuing the fresh feel and imaginative reach and I can't wait for the next one.

Doctor Who - ThrowgnCpr - 09-21-2015

I haven't watched yet, and I may wait until next week to watch the two-parter. My expectations are low. I thought the past season was a huge drop from the previous.

Doctor Who - musiced921 - 09-21-2015

I liked it a lot. Season 7 was really bad IMO and season 8 had a couple of good ones, but the Doctor wasn't very likable. Right away I felt hooked during this seasons opener and am really excited for the conclusion to part 1 and the rest of the season.

On a side note, breakfast with Baker is a cool idea and a nice way to see some of his adventures that aren't available on Netflix streaming. It's always this time of year that I get the itch to do some DW fanediting!

Doctor Who - dadoctorwhofan - 09-21-2015

I loved the new episode. It had everything a Doctor Who episode needed. The return of old characters and places to please the classic fans. The return of the Judoon and and the ood and the shadow proclamation to please the RTD fans. And new stuff to please everyone. Missy was much better than in series 8 and that cliffhanger.

Doctor Who - LastSurvivor - 09-21-2015

Geez, I really must be watching a different show

Doctor Who - musiced921 - 09-22-2015

It says something how polarizing this show has gotten. Thanks Moff! At least with RTD you knew you would get some epic stuff with anti-climatic endings, but with Moff I never know what the hell is going to happen next as he does whatever he wants with the show.

Again though, I did enjoy the premiere immensely.

Doctor Who - TomH1138 - 09-24-2015

bionicbob Wrote:the comment of three different Atlantis locations made me very curious.... any help on that one for me my hardcore Whovians?

This was a terrific in-joke. In the early days, the show's producers didn't really pay attention to whether or not a certain story had been done before, leading to three different "destruction of Atlantis" stories that all contradict each other!

It's a comment that went by quick enough so that most people wouldn't think long and hard about it, but a great joke for those who know the behind-the-scenes stuff.

bionicbob Wrote:The whole rock guitar and tank scene... I dunno... wacky for wacky's sake? Who drove the tank out? Is the tank still there?

And how did he get the tank through the TARDIS doors? Yes, it's very big inside, but how did he get the tank through the outside of the TARDIS? It bugged me that there was no explanation for that. Maybe he can still make the TARDIS much bigger, the way he made it smaller in "Flatline"? *shrug*

The scene was kind of clever in concept, but the jokes weren't as strong as they should have been.

bionicbob Wrote:Davros looked amazing! Best version thus far.

Yes, and the performance was chilling but understated. My favorite Davros episode ever. And I agree with you that this was a much better opening than "Deep Breath."

I love the thorny ethical question at the heart of this episode. "Genesis of the Daleks" raised some interesting questions but then (IMO) never really developed them. This one looks like it'll get to the heart of the issue.

I really wanted to see more of the story about the world that young Davros was on. The whole thing with hands coming out of the ground seemed really intriguing, but it seems like it won't be developed further. Still, the story that we did get was an interesting one.

It seems like the Doctor was looking back on his previous encounter with young Davros and feeling guilty -- but then the ending scene seemed to indicate that the incident might have happened after Davros killed the Doctor's friends, in retaliation for it. (That is, at least the Doctor believes that his friends have been killed.) Or maybe he left the scene ages earlier, but then came back after his friends' "deaths"? What if Davros looks the way he does (wheelchair-bound and all) because the Doctor shoots him as a child, crippling him for life?

I really hope it's explained why the Doctor would choose to send his will to Missy rather than Clara. If Missy is still killing people in cold blood for no reason other than to amuse herself, how can the Doctor in any way consider her a friend?

Still, overall a very exciting episode. After some lame previews that left me cold, the season itself is off to a great start!

Doctor Who - TomH1138 - 09-24-2015

musiced921 Wrote:It says something how polarizing this show has gotten. Thanks Moff! At least with RTD you knew you would get some epic stuff with anti-climatic endings, but with Moff I never know what the hell is going to happen next as he does whatever he wants with the show.

Isn't it much better for the show to be unpredictable, though? Why complain that a show isn't more formulaic? Smile

Doctor Who - addiesin - 09-30-2015

Man the part 2 of this hit me hard. Missy made the Daleks more disturbing than they ever could themselves with lines like "Say 'I love you', no questions, just say it" and the results of that. Davros felt sympathetic, dare I say humanized, and I understood his goals beyond just 'aaah he's evil, whatever'. The threads left open from part 1 were wrapped up in an interesting way and continued to the point where I was very satisfied. After watching, my wife and I had a short chat (she's not a fan of Doctor Who overall) about what is different in the show and whether it's better or worse, since Capaldi has joined. She said it's 'more profound, more serious'. I think I agree, and I think I love it. Smith was ok as the Doctor, but I never really embraced him like I did Tennant or like I'm doing so now with Capaldi.

Doctor Who - dadoctorwhofan - 10-04-2015

My thoughts on under the lake. Very very good, very refreshing to have a good base under siege story. The cliffhanger was good as yes we got another the doctor is dead revelations but what intrigues me is how he got to that point.