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Doctor Who - bionicbob - 08-12-2015

trailer #2....

Doctor Who - bionicbob - 09-12-2015

Prologue to the new season....

Me thinks they are speaking of Davros....?

Doctor Who - matrixgrindhouse - 09-13-2015

Mysterious. Capaldi seems much more comfortable with the role. Or maybe it's the writers.

In other news! The Ten Doctors, Part 4 is complete after all these years!

Parts 1-3 for the uninitiated:

Doctor Who - hebrides - 09-13-2015

Cool stuff, matrix! As with Parts 1-3, Part 4 moves so quickly that it's not entirely clear in spots what is going on, even with the ample additional dialogue. But it almost doesn't matter, because Stuart Humphryes's imagination and dedication shine through regardless, and it feels good to finally have a resolution to the story, even if a fairly important part of it (perhaps of necessity) is from The Day of the Doctor. Some of the vocal recreations are just passable, but K-9 and (I think, though I'm not as versed in his era as I probably should be, so I can't point out specific lines of dialogue) 10 are excellent.

I'd love a behind the scenes video for the whole story, especially since I'm very intrigued about where Laurence Olivier and Anthony "Ehtar" Higgins fit into things; I think I missed them on this initial viewing.

Doctor Who - matrixgrindhouse - 09-13-2015

Laurence Olivier was

The Evil Doctor, as represented as a giant holographic face. Lifted from Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

Doctor Who - matrixgrindhouse - 09-14-2015

And here's a summary by BabelColour himself.

The evil Doctor was created when The Moment was deployed to end the Time War. It not only destroyed Gallifrey but tore the fabric of reality, splintering the Doctor into an alternative evil version. He shares the Doctors mind and realises that there is an alternative way of ending the war, in which Gallifrey is frozen and The Moment is un-deployed. He has to stop this. If The Moment is un-deployed he will not be created, so he sets about ensuring the Doctor never has the opportunity to go back and change things. He does this by effectively deleting the Doctor from time. He kidnaps the first two incarnations from time. However, there are a couple of niggley anomalies which have escaped deletion – the second Doctor was lifted from his time-stream in ‘The Three Doctors’ and therefore escaped when his timeline was erased. Similarly, the first incarnation once visited Cardiff and was protected from abduction by The Rift. Therefore, to mop these anomalies up, the evil Doctor poses as the Time Lord President to coax the others to retrieve them… They “rescue” the first and second Doctors as instructed, but realise that the Time Lord President is an imposter, as he is not broadcasting from Gallifrey. His signal is being bounced around the galaxy to hide its point of origin. They trace it to the planet Raston where they uncover a portal to a dark dimension in which the bad Doctor is hiding. They confront their evil counterpart and reveal that it was all a double bluff to locate him, instigated by their eleventh incarnation. Now they know where he is lurking they can return their captured timelines to their rightful places in time and space and defeat the baddie…. But it is a double-double bluff. The evil Doctor has already begun the absorption. He has already erased the Doctor’s first regenerative cycle from time. Events are being rewritten, the Doctor’s past is changing. He has forgotten that he ever had a previous life-cycle. There are brief snatches of memory in the earlier incarnations – but everything is in flux. The Twelfth Doctor arrives on the scene and, with k-9’s help, immobilises the evil Doctor with a time-dam, giving them enough time to prevent the Moment being used to end the Time War and thus prevent the evil Doctor from ever being created. By changing the outcome of the War they re-write their own personal history. The bad Doctor is erased. Hooray.

Doctor Who - bionicbob - 09-18-2015

Threw this together last night for fun....[Image: DUWs7HQ.jpg]

Oddly, Part Two seems to be only available in 480, while the other three are all 720?

Doctor Who - bionicbob - 09-20-2015

The Magician's Apprentice.... no comments yet?

Warning... Mild SPOILERS.....

While the internet had already spoiled the young Davros reveal for me, I thought the opening act was excellent and creepy, with a strong classic Who vibe.

The freezing of planes was cool and I am really loving Missy this time around. So deliciously Evil Mary Poppins!
Though I thought they really dropped the ball by not having some sort of reaction or comment by Stewart upon seeing Missy, who killed her daughter last year.

I am a continuity porn addict, so I loved the two big scenes -- one in UNIT hq and Davros lair. And since I am not intimately familiar with all of Whoverse, it makes me want to explore more old eps.... the comment of three different Atlantis locations made me very curious.... any help on that one for me my hardcore Whovians?

The whole rock guitar and tank scene... I dunno... wacky for wacky's sake? Who drove the tank out? Is the tank still there?

Davros looked amazing! Best version thus far.

The last act, like most Moffatt eps, felt over loaded and rushed.... the "deaths" of Missy and Clara was poorly done and lacked any real dramatic impact. Yes, of course they are not dead, but the scene should have had more power to them to balance the Doctor's reaction.

So predictions for next week's conclusion? Reset Button theories? The Doctor is just faking as Missy & Clara's deaths were all part of his plan? Or the Doctor does kill young Davros and makes the Universe worse? This could be cool if they played it out over the course of the season and then goes back and corrects it in the season finale? Or the Doctor takes young Davros on as a companion trying to reeducate the boy?

On a whole, I thought it was a much better opening episode than last season and next week's teaser has me very intrigued....

Doctor Who - TM2YC - 09-20-2015

It would have been nice to have just had a simple self-contained adventure to open the series, rather than going straight into a convoluted multi-part Moffat plot but it was decent enough... so long as episode two explains what the hell was going on ;-).

It was very cool the way the opening scene was shot just like the opening to Genesis of the Daleks, with the similar colour-grade, mist and costumes all matching up. That did of course spoil the Davros surprise though for anybody who connected the visual refrence but still cool beans. It even cleverly played in a clip of Genesis to contrast the new story.

[Image: 15-skaro.jpg]

[Image: HyYbn5O.jpg]

Oh sh*t I just noticed another cool visual continuity move...

The original 1963 Dalek city on Skaro looks similar to the new rendering...

[Image: skaro.jpg]

Doctor Who - LastSurvivor - 09-20-2015

An embarrassingly bad start to the season. After a creepy pre credits sequence, things soon started to fall apart when Missy turned up spouting some truly cringe worthy dialogue and changing accents every few sentences just because... Well... Just because... No there's no reason at all really. The guitar scene was one of the worst scenes in the show's history... Truly hold your head in your hands time. And, Moffat oversteps the mark big time with that distasteful dog bollocks reference.

Truly a disaster of an episode. Terribly written, over the top, and just plain embarrassing