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Doctor Who - Zarius - 03-22-2015

Tee hee, anyone seen the censored version of the Doctor Whore XXX parody on Youtube? Woefully bad, but charming.

Doctor Who - TomH1138 - 04-13-2015

Another editor has done some amazing work, colorizing parts of the stories from the 1960s.

Weirdly, the first thing he starts with is the end credits from "Unearthly Child." Credits just seem the most boring place to start. But all of the work is really good.

Doctor Who - ThrowgnCpr - 04-13-2015

wow, some of those scenes are beautiful!!!

Doctor Who - Zarius - 04-15-2015

David Tennant's era is going to be reran on Disney XD in the States.

Doctor Who - TomH1138 - 04-16-2015

Really? How odd. BBC America already has the rights to all those episodes and a lot more. Why did Disney XD get a license for just those episodes? Why couldn't BBC America keep an exclusive contract? How confusing will it be for viewers to get just that portion of the episodes without knowing what comes before and what comes after?

Just showing those episodes also sets the dangerous precedent of people thinking of David Tennant as the only "real" Doctor, which could eventually bring an end to the current popularity of the show (since he's been gone for years).

I would much rather see Disney XD get the very underrated Sarah Jane Adventures, which never got an airing beyond Season 1 here in the States, or K9, which only got one airing on the SyFy Channel on Christmas opposite a DW marathon on BBC America.

Doctor Who - Zarius - 04-16-2015

Funny enough, that K-9 series was actually aired on Disney XD in the UK

Doctor Who - bionicbob - 07-09-2015

New season trailer!!!

Doctor Who - ThrowgnCpr - 07-09-2015

hmmm, trailer looks a little meh. I like Capaldi as an actor, but I don't like him as the Doctor, and I think Series 8 was a big step backwards. This looks like an even bigger step back. I hope I'm wrong.

Doctor Who - emanswfan - 07-09-2015

I'm going to assume that aspect ratio has something to do with screens being wider at comic-con, cause it looks terribly composed and clearly cropped. And dear god, the coloring is awful. I can barely see anything that's going on. The contrast and saturation is overcranked quite a bit. Just really hoping this is not what these episodes will look like. Often trailers are expected to not have final coloring, so this is probably not a big deal.

Despite this, looks exciting to me. Wondering who Maisie Williams is at the end though, makes it sound like someone we've seen before.

Doctor Who - TomH1138 - 07-10-2015

I've been waiting for the trailer, and the premiere date (Sep. 19th!), for a long time, so I'm not gonna complain too much. It's a good trailer - not a great one. They probably don't want to reveal a whole lot of surprises, so it's just kind of quick and subdued.

Of course, the "old man" comment by the guest star in that last shot is meant to make the Internet go crazy. Is it Jenny, the Doctor's daughter? Or is it his granddaughter Susan? Maybe both answers are too obvious, and it's deliberate misdirection, but I'd be happy with either one being true.

So, anyway, good trailer if not a great one.

This trailer, however, for the Doctor's appearance in LEGO Dimensions, is a lot more exciting, visually impressive, and just all-around entertaining!

Things that jump out at me:

--The Doctor interacting with Batman and Gandalf! Technically, it's their interpretations from The LEGO Movie, but that was a terrific film, so I'm not complaining. Wyldstyle from that film is also here and in good form.

--At 0:52, you can see the Doctor riding alongside Scooby-Doo and Shaggy.

--Homer Simpson also makes an appearance, but I didn't catch the time on it.

--At 0:56, the Doctor is standing next to (gasp) Doc Brown! I've been desperate for a Doctor Who/Back to the Future crossover this year (I was hoping Christopher Lloyd would show up in the Christmas special), but I figured there was little to no chance of it happening. But, hey, now we're getting something! And they probably recorded dialogue that's meant to go together. How awesome is that?

--You can play as any of the versions of the Doctor! Another article I read (linked below) explained that while only Capaldi created new dialogue, the other actors' dialogue was sampled so they could be included as well. Your TARDIS interior will also change based on which Doctor you're playing as.

Anyway, consider me very excited for this project!

(Edited to correct the date I put, and to mention Homer Simpson.)