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Doctor Who - Zarius - 11-12-2014

...Wow. I'm not alone in liking Silver Nemesis (always, ALWAYS start with the extended cut where that's concerned)

Doctor Who - TM2YC - 11-12-2014

Zarius Wrote:...Wow. I'm not alone in liking Silver Nemesis (always, ALWAYS start with the extended cut where that's concerned)

For a few seconds, I was hoping that The Doctor's Golden-Arrow from the recent Sherwood episode was somehow going to be related to the Silver-Arrow that the Nemesis carries ;-).

Doctor Who - Zarius - 11-12-2014

Would have went a long way to explaining how conveiniantly impactful that arrow proved to be against a vast rocketship. Doctor could even have name-dropped "vilidium" as something he dosed the arrow in or something.

Doctor Who - Zarius - 11-14-2014

Jenna sticks around for Christmas!

Doctor Who - Zarius - 11-17-2014

Thought you guys might be interested to know there's another Seventh Doctor comic strip TPB collection coming out, "The Good Soldier" will, amongst other stories, reportedly contain the Mark of Mandragora comic (back when most of were nippers, that story was one of the first DW comic strip trades available...and all in color), and while that particular story is the most significant to fans of that run, the Good Soldier story features the far more prolific Cybermen, giving them an excuse to stick them on the cover!

Doctor Who - asterixsmeagol - 11-17-2014

Zarius, do you have a source for that information? Is Panini publishing it?

Doctor Who - Zarius - 11-17-2014

Yes, they are publishing it, it's the next trade scheduled after the last of the Eleventh Doctor strips come out. I was on Gallifrey Base today and stumbled on the news, it was backed up by Tom Spilbury popping over there and he confirmed Mandragora would be reprinted in this collection. He also said they were having difficulties with printing the strips from the Yearbooks because they can't get their hands on uncolored art for them.

Doctor Who - asterixsmeagol - 11-17-2014

Awesome, thanks!

Doctor Who - emanswfan - 12-13-2014

Cool fan adaptation of the Capaldi opening.

Doctor Who - TomH1138 - 12-14-2014

Nice! The fan-created credits just keep getting better and better.

Here's a crazy good alternate theme for the 2008 season: