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Doctor Who - TM2YC - 10-19-2014

Regarding Pink and Clara...

Given the (Denied) rumours earlier in the year that Coleman would leave at the end of the series, it would certainly tie in with her lying to Pink. If she's got to choose between love and The Doctor at the end of this series, there's really only one way that story arc can traditionally go. I hope it's just one of those crazy rumours as I've really warmed to her this series. She's a much better match for Capaldi than she was for Smith IMO

Doctor Who - Zarius - 10-19-2014

I guess Missy truly was the woman in the shop then...will be interesting if/when she bumps into Clara again so this can be verified, I've seen her with Capaldi but not with Coleman.

I was expecting just a tiny bit more from Danny this week, he's no fool and it must sting to put up with Clara fibbing and seeing through her fibs every time.

Doctor Who - Linten1 - 10-19-2014

Zarius Wrote:

I was expecting just a tiny bit more from Danny this week, he's no fool and it must sting to put up with Clara fibbing and seeing through her fibs every time.

Yes I agree. However he is a master at acting out the awkward moment. The half expressions and eye darting thing he does in those uncomfortable moments is pure genius. I never get tired of watching his acting abilities.

Doctor Who - matrixgrindhouse - 10-20-2014

Potential spoiler uncovered in analysis of the promo for the next episode, maybe?

[URL=""]Probably a goof or joke, but..
If this winds up being a New Nightmare scenario where they cross over to our reality could be all kinds of brilliant.

Doctor Who - Zarius - 10-21-2014

So would that mean

Missy is the avatar of a female Moffat? (I kid...I hope)

Doctor Who - TM2YC - 10-25-2014

Is it just me or was "In the Forest of the Night" one of the all-time best episodes?

Funny, magical, emotional, scary and a little bit political too. I'm currently half-way through watching Jon Pertwee's enviro-political serial "The Green Death" so it synched up nicely. The SFX were top-notch and the script was great (To be expected from a screenwriter like Frank Cottrell Boyce). The story seemed to have sprung from William Blake's 'Tiger' poem, including the title which was very cool. It's always nice to see that despite The Doctor's apparent age, when he's surrounded by kids, he comes off as way more childish Big Grin.

The brief Missy cameo at the end was the only sour-note, as she seems to interupt right at the most emotional moments.

Doctor Who - matrixgrindhouse - 10-25-2014

Meh. The concept was terrific. It just felt to me like they were struggling to come up with ways to make an entire episode out of it. It just felt kind of hollow to me. Good setup, good resolution... a lot of nothing in between. Finale looks great, though.


Doctor Who - Zarius - 10-26-2014

I found it a bit disjointed, and wish more had been made of the adults in the situation, seems the budget did'nt allow for anything other than the ensemble cast and the forestation. News items covering the event was textbook RTD era (no Trinity Wells, raagggh), and the ending reminded me of a Spice Girls video (I'll let you guess which one), the kids were lovely though. Definitely got better on a second rewatch

Doctor Who - LastSurvivor - 11-01-2014

TM2YC Wrote:I haven't enjoyed a Doctor Who series so much since 1996 but I can see why this change of pace might not be to everyone's taste.

Couldn't agree more. Capaldi's Doctor is awesome and this series is the best since the program returned back in 2005.

Doctor Who - matrixgrindhouse - 11-01-2014

Dark Water:

Well, we all saw the Missy/Master thing coming since day one, but it was still nice to have a big dramatic reveal all the same. The Cybermen connection was most interesting. Are we witnessing the genesis of the Mondasian variety, or this a third crop? And that Doctor Skarosa.... interesting surname, at least for this show. Possible Kaled/Mondas connection going on there? The idea of cremation being bad for the souls of the departed - very Egyptian. That mummy episode earlier this season, as well as the artifacts in Time Heist... interesting. The First Doctor also once found himself locked outside his TARDIS in an active volcano once - he visited ancient Egypt in the same story. Wonder where they're going with this. As a whole, the episode dealt with some really interesting, perhaps even taboo subject matter, and handled it all very well. The bureaucrat in the Nethersphere - didn't catch his name - stole the show for me. Hope we get to see more of him next week.

No rating until the second part airs, but this story is in the running for a 10/10, and my pick for the best of the season.