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Doctor Who - Zarius - 09-30-2014

Love the Youtube version for the better rendered gears, the seal of Rassilon, and the pocket watch.

Anyone notice sometimes the sting is missing from some eps before the intro? Also the editing of the title card of "Listen" was deplorable as it still hung on the screen for a couple of seconds after the intro ended

Doctor Who - matrixgrindhouse - 10-04-2014

Kill the Moon:

I've been disappointed by Doctor Who episodes before, but this was the first time I was ever angry with one.

Clara made the wrong choice, but was painted as having been in the right. She singlehandedly condemned countless innocents on Earth to the havoc wrecked by not only the irreversible change in the tides, but in the subsequent bombardment of the surface. She had absolutely no way of knowing what would transpire. There wasn't a single hint that the creature would replace the Moon, nor that the debris would simply evaporate. She chose to allow the potential deaths of billions for the sake of a embryo. They never even suggested that the creature might be intelligent, or if it were capable of survival on its own. There's no dilemma here. What disgusted me the most was her last second decision to cancel the detonation. She left it up to a vote - democracy on a global scale, for what was likely the first time in human history, and overrode it. She knew better than the entire planet, because she had the means of deciding for them? That's goddamn fascism right there.

And this whole thing could have been saved so easily with a simple re-write. Instead of a dormant embryo, why not have an entire intelligent civilization living inside the moon? Then there's an argument to be had, actual ethical consequences to the decisions being made. Some real grey areas. Instead, we're left with a half-baked allegory for abortion? I can't even tell, honestly.

Zero stars.

Doctor Who - addiesin - 10-06-2014

I loved it.

Quick theory time:

So Danny has been implied to have killed a woman during his service, correct? What if Missy is the woman he killed? X files music

Doctor Who - slekyr - 10-06-2014

I liked this episode until the end, which was not good.

Doctor Who - TM2YC - 10-06-2014

Finally got a chance to see the last episode.

Hmmm the plot was more full of holes than well... the moon. I won't go into the specific plot problems, suffice to say that if it was in the plot, there was something wrong with it ;-).

On the plus side... I liked the fresh dynamic Courtney brought to the adventure. I've got so tired of the interchangable 'sassy-twenty-something-girl' companions, so a companion that reacted to things in a totally new way was welcome. Also the ending was fantastic, so emotionally rawand different from what we've seen before. It left me wondering if giver Clara the choce was a misjudged attempt by the new "emotionally-inexperienced" Doctor to make her feel "Special" just like she'd suggested in the eposode opener and it had backfired spectaculaly. Lastly the creepy sound and camera work was very nicely done.

I can't wait to see how the Clara/Doctor/Pink ongoing subplot is going to play out in future weeks.

FYI: This bit of continuity is mentioned on Wikipedia...

"The Doctor uses a yo-yo to test the moon's gravity inside the shuttle. The Fourth Doctor used the same method to test gravity in the Nerva space station in The Ark in Space. [SUP][/SUP]According to executive producer Brian Minchin, Capaldi had requested the yo-yo to be similar to the one that Tom Baker had used before"

[Image: ark6.jpg]

Doctor Who - Zarius - 10-09-2014

I liked bits and detested other areas, felt it could have been told in a tidy half-hour (one for an edit maybe?).

Really liked The Doc's silly space walk

Doctor Who - matrixgrindhouse - 10-11-2014

Mummy on the Orient Express:

A fine return to form!

Terrific atmosphere, clever plot. The Doctor was great. I really think they've finally nailed down the best use of Peter Capaldi. He can be abrasive, even heartless. But always for good reason. Always with the endgame of being the hero he doubts that he really is. And that Hartnell-style getup? Awesome. Needs to break that out more often. They resolved the Clara issues remarkably well.


Doctor Who - hebrides - 10-12-2014

Really interesting mix of Classic and NuWho in this one. Might have benefited from a tiny bit more character development so we have a little more invested in some of the victims.

When Capaldi talks to himself in this episode, it really felt to me that he was doing a bit of a Tom Baker impression as one of the two voices in the conversation (in cadence if not actual voice). Agree with matrix about the nod to Hartnell too, though it's also updated nicely, and the pocket square is a nice nod to Troughton (with elaborate folding that would have suited Pertwee).

Not sure how I feel about Clara's reconciliation with him. It played OK overall, but the "addiction" almost feels like something she should have discussed with Smith ages ago. Still, a very strong episode, I think, and one that would have fit well in any era.

ETA: Absolutely loved

the jelly babies in the vintage cigarette case!

Doctor Who - TM2YC - 10-12-2014

matrixgrindhouse Wrote:

that Hartnell-style getup? Awesome.

It had me wondering if Capaldi and the team are slipping in overt refrences to all 12 previous Doctors (Including The War Doctor) across the 12 episodes?

1. The new Pertwee style costume
3. The Doctor duels with a spoon, a favourite prop of McCoy
4. Hurt's barn of solitude
6. Smith lookaliketeacher
7. Tom Baker's Yo-Yo
8. Hartnell neck tie

I can't remember anything from 2 and 5 right now but hopefully the next 4 episodes will feature props like cricket-bats, leather-jackets, lucky-cat-brooches, 3D-glasses, penny-whistles and... I unable to think of a specific McGann prop :oops:. I may have overthought this.

Doctor Who - TM2YC - 10-12-2014

Some awesome pictures of Capaldi in his younger days...

He's gone through some looks over the years!

Oh and just to say, wow Coleman in that 1920s attire was the hotness. Also did anybody else get a Douglas Adams vibe from the story? The train was very 'Starship Titantic' and the talking computer reminded me of The Heart of Gold's computer.