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Doctor Who - Linten1 - 08-24-2014

The opening credits rocked. Capaldi pulled it all together in the end. I never like the trio (Jenny, Vestra, and Strax) Jenny is as pointless a character as Kamelion was. So having them in it did nothing for me. Clara did a wonderful job acting as usual.

The story was kinda hit you over the head preachy and the double meaning of almost all the dialogue was insulting at times. They literally where begging us to give Capaldi a chance and if we didn't we where just idiots. Insulting the audience is nothing new tho. It was a regular affair with Moffitt so...oh well.

I thought some of the photography was reminiscent of the Pertwee era. I really liked those touches. And the dialogue reminded me of some of the Baker era.

All in all I can't wait for the next ep.

p.s. Am I the only one who has noticed that the first episode of each new Doctor is more like an episode of the previous Doctors Doctor? The second episode of each new Doctor is really where the story and tone always change and the newness is felt.

Doctor Who - matrixgrindhouse - 08-25-2014

Linten1 Wrote:The opening credits rocked.

Yes! Forgot to mention those. Terrific both as a concept and from a visual standpoint. Classy and mesmerizing. Probably my favorite sequence of the entire franchise, honestly. To think it was originally a fan video that Moffat chanced upon is just all kinds of awesome. The new version of the theme music is interesting. Has bits and pieces of the three 1980s versions.

Doctor Who - TM2YC - 08-25-2014

matrixgrindhouse Wrote:Probably my favorite sequence of the entire franchise, honestly. To think it was originally a fan video that Moffat chanced upon is just all kinds of awesome

Oh yes Moffat said that on the making-of extra feature, I meant to look it up, thanks for reminding me.

Original fan version by Billy Hanshaw aka billydakiduk...

Final Official Version...

Well done that faneditor!

Doctor Who - TomH1138 - 08-25-2014

"Deep Breath" was a vast improvement over "Time of the Doctor."

What particularly stood out to me was that the overall tone and feel of the episode was quite different than what we're used to seeing. There was a darker, grittier edge to the proceedings (without going overboard into, say, BSG territory). The dialogue and the humor seemed like it could have played out exactly like other episodes, but something about the way the material was presented came off much moodier. The colors seemed de-saturated (if that's the right word); the music was less omnipresent; etc.

And that to me is a good thing. There were times last season when things started to feel like the same old shtick in the same old way ("Cold War" was a particular low point), and the show needed a bit of an overhaul. I think this was a step in the right direction. I didn't feel like I automatically knew how the episode was going to proceed.

As is typical of regeneration episodes, the Doctor isn't quite himself; he has amnesia and he says crazy things that he wouldn't ordinarily say. As such, it's kind of hard to get a bead on what to think of the new Doctor just yet. A lot of the scenes were entertaining in and of themselves, though (Best line: "Give me your coat. There's no reason for *both* of us to be cold!"). And I did find myself thoroughly enjoying the gusto with which Capaldi threw himself into the role.

Jenna Coleman was much, much better as Clara than she has been in the past. Clara was very dull in a lot of episodes last year. (Coleman was great as Oswin in "Asylum of the Daleks" and as Governess Clara in "The Snowmen," so I blame the writing for the blandness and inconsistency of modern Clara.) Having Clara be distrustful of the new Doctor gave Coleman a new angle to play, and she played it very well. Plus, I loved it when she stood up to Vastra, and when she beat the cyborg at his own game of threatening. If Clara keeps up like this for the rest of the season, she'll be a favorite Companion in no time.

As for the rest of the supporting cast, I don't really enjoy Vastra and Jenny as much as others seem to (it seems like they would be a better fit on Torchwood), but Strax is always fun. It was odd that he actually threatened the safety of the Doctor several times. Until now, despite his war-mongering tendencies, he's been very loyal to the Doctor.

It seems like the overall season mystery/arc has something to do with religious fanatics, which is getting to be a bit of an old saw for Moffat. I was glad to hear the Doctor bring up "the girl in the shop" who gave Clara the Doctor's phone number, though. I thought that mystery had been forgotten, but it looks like we'll get an answer.

Other thoughts:

I love, love, LOVE the new opening credits. I had actually seen a few fan-made openings on YouTube that looked similar; I couldn't help but wonder if inspiration was drawn from them (to great effect). (Edited to add: Ah, I see someone else mentioned the same thing. Neat to know that it was an intentional nod to that opening!)

I wasn't expecting an acknowledgment of Capaldi's previous role on the show, so it was a nice touch for him to say that he had "seen that face before."

Clara said, "You've redecorated," when she entered the TARDIS control room, but it looks like only slight modifications to me (which is fine, because we just got a new control room less than 2 years ago). The stuff hanging from the ceiling looked the same, and the walls looked similar; only the console itself seemed significantly different.

The surprise return of Matt Smith was terrific. I wonder if he came back just to film that or (more likely, IMO) Matt's lines were filmed during his final episode and kept hush-hush and were later edited into the premiere?

One of my problems with last year's Christmas episode was that Matt Smith's final words were "I will always remember when the Doctor was me," but then he immediately has amnesia, so he did forget. But then by the end of this one, he had remembered the phone call and everything else, so that removed my objection.

Anyway, at last I can breathe a sigh of relief. If not as hit-the-ground-running great as "The Eleventh Hour," it's worlds better than "Time of the Doctor," and I'm really looking forward to next week now.

Doctor Who - bionicbob - 08-25-2014

I wanted to also say the new credits are great! Though I think the fan made one is actually BETTER! LOL!

Though that reminds me, the Doctor gave away his WATCH for the coat! I wonder if that will be a later plot point? I mean, its not an ordinary watch, now is it????

Doctor Who - hebrides - 08-25-2014

bionicbob Wrote:Though that reminds me, the Doctor gave away his WATCH for the coat! I wonder if that will be a later plot point? I mean, its not an ordinary watch, now is it????

Interesting point, particularly since Capaldi has said (and we saw in this episode) that this Doctor

will have a more difficult time remembering his past...

Oh, and re modifications to the control room: they're more apparent than they first appear. If you look closely, there are now

bookshelves on the walls -- a callback to the beautiful control room from the McGann movie? -- and places to write. All that (I think) calculus that The Doctor was writing on the floor of his bedroom may appear again, I suspect...maybe he's working out the math of how to find Gallifrey?

Doctor Who - TM2YC - 08-25-2014

On that note, I liked the new Holmes style armchair on the balcony. I assume Capaldi is going to do much thinking in it.

[Image: 14848153668_d49dccc11d.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_lqf3fm5fmK1qksijlo1_500.jpg]

Doctor Who - musiced921 - 08-25-2014

Just got back from seeing it for the first time in the local movie theater.

Don't throw rocks at me, but I felt like this was another episode that falls victim to Moffat's constant setup for a lame payoff in his finales. Instead of focusing on a one off story to bring the Doctor in, he (as usual) spends way too much time on building up to nothing all that great in the end. Smith's first episode was excellent because it focused on a one time bad guy, gave Smith a chance to step into the roll, and only slightly hinted at something more to come. Moffat without boundaries is not a fun ride most times (Sherlock is excellent and his writing on Tintin was also awesome so I'm not a Moff hater).

Capaldi was EXCELLENT and his love for the character and role comes through. The next episode is where we will really see him in action. Clara.....still the odd man out in my opinion. Little to no chemistry with Smith, but a little bit more with Capaldi. The fiance and I never understood the Clara appeal.

I'm very excited and relieved now that I have seen Capaldi in the role. Can't wait for the rest of the season, though I just hope we have more stories from others and less Moff ones.

Doctor Who - bionicbob - 08-28-2014

Watched DEEP BREATH again last night, and it pretty much reaffirmed my first impression....

The Doctor and Clara were excellent.

Vastra and the gang were good.

The plot/story was mediocre.

But I think I agree with the online theory that

MISSY, the mysterious crazy women dressed all in black at the end of the episode, is....


Doctor Who - steelio2006 - 08-28-2014

Finally had the chance to watch Deep Breath. While I was left with feeling underwhelmed with Time of the Doctor and the 50th Special, I have to say that Deep Breath left me with a much better feeling. It was a bit of a nice return to feels episode for me.

(Not saying that Time and the 50th were bad, just felt like there was something missing from them. I do wish to see someday an edit that will take the 50th Prequel that set up War Doctor, the 50th Special, and Time of the Doctor and adds them all wonderfully together. Or the very least, would have been nice to have had Night of the Doctor added in to the 50th.)

I was really saddened when Smith's time came to go. And have to say that I have lots of faith in this new Doctor now. Yeah, there were some splashes of Capaldi showing bits of Smith's Doctor shining through. But for the most part, I really enjoyed the way this Doctor's been handled so far. And look forward to seeing him advance and grow as the season goes on.

Also loved the callback to one of favorite episodes of the Tennant era (Girl in the Fireplace). Would definitely be awesome to see more small callbacks such as this again later in the season.

Also enjoyed the tension that was there between Jenny, Vaestra, and Clara. Definitely added some humor to the mix.

And I'd have to agree with Bob bout that fan theory that's been thrown around. It makes an awfully lot of sense. Especially since when first watched the episode it came across that Missy was more

standing in for River. Who knows? There's another theory that it is River just regenerated somehow. But be much cooler to have her be The Master.

I'd rate this episode an 9/10 for me.